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Submitted by ajames347 780d ago | image

Here’s How Best Buy Prepares for the Coming of Xbox One

The release of the Xbox One is approaching fast, and shops are starting to receive their promotional material and to set up their aisles. (Xbox One)

4logpc  +   780d ago | Well said
Can't wait for the 22nd!

bring on the disagrees!
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BX81  +   780d ago | Well said
I'm with u bro.
4Sh0w  +   780d ago
Ryse, DR3, and probably Watch Dogs. I'll try out the free KI version and get the full thing later on.
bganci  +   780d ago
First Game i will be playing is Ryse. I also am having a hard time picking between CoD: Ghost and Battlefield 4, And AC4 or Watchdogs.
BX81  +   780d ago
Hells yeah. I paid off cod/bf4 and ryse w/ extra controller. I'm gonna play ryse 1st. I do miss the days when consoles came with 2 controllers.
Benchm4rk  +   780d ago
Its gonna be great. I've got some holidays booked at work starting the 21st. So far all paid off with watchdogs and cod ghosts but still undecided between getting forza 5, ryse or dr3.
MiHX2  +   780d ago
With you!I don't care if I get disagree and less bubbles.
lastofgen  +   780d ago
Same here.
Should be a great night. Playing some killer instinct and dead rising 3 as soon as I get home. :D
4logpc  +   780d ago
Killer Instinct and Forza 5 here. Issue is I dont know which one to play first!
BattleTorn  +   780d ago
Ryse and Dead Rising here :)
n4rc  +   780d ago
Forza and bf4 for me
Rockstar  +   780d ago
If I were getting an XBone I would play the hell out of Dead Rising 3. Makes sense though. Dead Rising was one of the games that made me buy a 360.

Have Fun!
Riderz1337  +   780d ago
Well, since you asked for it. Here you go.
solar  +   780d ago
as a PS fan, not PS Extremist like those who roam this site, i hope you like it!
spaceg0st  +   780d ago
As a gamer who's choosing a ps4, it's going to be exciting as shit to get the next consoles that will last for years to come!
solar  +   780d ago
i wouldnt say that mate. last game that has interested me on the PS platform is UC2. nothing really has interested me since.

both so called "Next Gen" consoles are underwhelming to me. both Sony and MS are selling a bill of goods to their fan base. which is sad because the fanboys eat up all their shit like inmates on a hunger strike.
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ma1asiah  +   780d ago
Amen bro 22/11/2013 is going to be EPIC.

Thank God it will be only 2 weeks after the X1 launch, then I have an entire month off to get my game on. Seriously can't wait.
BattleTorn  +   780d ago
A month off! Sweet Jesus, you lucky SOB.

I took 12 days off for GTA V. ;)
lastofgen  +   780d ago
this winter break will be epic. :D
black0o  +   780d ago
man! the launch of a new system always exciting .. tho i'll be 10x more excite on the 29th
Bigpappy  +   780d ago
It will be me against the barbarians. I will be using about 3 finishers until I get tired of them, then start on a new set. I am going to play through the single player in about a week or 2 no matter how long it is. I just love this type of gameplay. So I will be on it constantly.

Time to get those Kiosk up Best Buy.
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DeadManIV  +   780d ago
You asked for it
KiLLeRCLaM  +   780d ago
I can't wait for the 23rd when everyone starts complaining about the xbox One.. It's not even the first xbox why is it called one for? not trolling just don't know the answer..
Regis  +   780d ago
All in one entertainment box Xbox One
lastofgen  +   780d ago
yet ms called their second xbox 'xbox 360' and it was a success.

names don't always correlate to the system's generation.
TRD4L1fe  +   780d ago
TROLL ALERT! tell me, what ha[ppens when everyone has nothing but good things to say on the 23rd???
christocolus  +   780d ago
playing cod.ghost ,dr3,ki and kinect sports rivals on the brand new xbx live with that new controller is whats got me most excited...and then with games like titan fall, halo5 and hopefully gears of war xbx and pgr coming in later...xbx live got to be the place to play with friends online...
PFFT  +   780d ago
Hell yeah!! Cant wait!
Locknuts  +   780d ago
Enjoy your new console dude. Should be enough games at launch to last you until Titanfall.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   780d ago
@4Log History will be made once again in November.
Sadly, I won't be getting X1 nor an PS4 at launch. You guys have to let me know how they turn out.
UnholyLight  +   780d ago
ME TOO, But I also canèt wait to get my PS4 as well!!!

MULTIPLAT THIS GEN BABY. I feel like I missed out last gen.
ALLWRONG  +   780d ago
I find it funny that 48 people disagree on how you spend your money.
HugoDrax  +   780d ago
Me either, you can catch me online on the 22nd :-), playing

1. Forza5
3. Dead Rising 3
4. Killer Instinct
5. Watch Dogs
6. COD Ghosts
7. FIFA 14

Gamertag is none other than AuricGoldfinger with the big #10 next to it lol. Happy gaming, fellow gamers. Exciting times coming in 40 days, 40 nights......
otherZinc  +   780d ago
Can't wait to play Forza 5, the only game that does both 1080p "native" @ 60fps! Can't wait to see and feel how it plays.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   780d ago
Im with you too xbox one with cod:ghost , bf4 , need for speed , ryse , dead rising 3 , ac4 , watch dog , forza ,play and charge kit and extra controller bring it on £920 add me when u get Xbox one ( hms thunderhawk )
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   780d ago
I'm with you, I've had my X1 pre-ordered since 30 mins after MS's E3 conference, literally 30 minutes after they were available to pre-order.

I have the X1, Ryse, Forza 5, and DR3 pre-ordered, as well as day-one Live, and also plan on picking up Crimson dragon as well.
OrangePowerz  +   780d ago
At least it looks like they got rid of their slogan "All in one. Input one", smart choice.
Abriael  +   780d ago
It's probably hidden behind the boxes :P
pyramidshead  +   780d ago
Beta tested in the future is my favourite lol.
VforVideogames  +   780d ago
I remember sony called the ps3 a supercomputerentertainmentsyst em not a game console, that was funny.
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TechMech2  +   780d ago
Maybe Microsoft should show some halo 5 gameplay soon. That could get a few people to change from ps4 to Xbox one.
robotgargoyle  +   780d ago
Don't want to get my hopes up, but Spike VGAs might have some unveils on both sides.
qzp  +   780d ago
Halo isn't as great as it once was, sorry to break it to you.
lastofgen  +   780d ago
What exactly are you basing that off of?
Live charts, sales, reviews? Your personal opinion?
TechMech2  +   780d ago
I hear that a lot, but halo 4 was my favorite game in the series. It changed the formula, and I enjoyed it.
HALOisKING  +   780d ago
halo 4 is almost at 9 million copies sold so yeah halo is better than ever
VforVideogames  +   780d ago
true that, but I will take HALO over anything sony offers.
OrangePowerz  +   780d ago
Depends what you compare it to. Halo 4 and Reach are better than the overrated Halo 3. Halo 2 is still the best for me followed by the first game in second place.
AceBlazer13  +   780d ago
the game probably just began development but micro decided to patch up a cgi trailer to fool consumers. don't expect anything till next year.
Software_Lover  +   780d ago
.... Isn't it coming out next year?
TechMech2  +   780d ago
It really wasn't to fool consumers. Everybody knows the game won't launch late until next year, and gameplay probably won't be shown until 2014
Foxhound922  +   780d ago
"Games that look and feel real, only on Xbox one" Yeah because the Xbox one is the only system that plays high definition games /s

Sadly, a lot of people will probably believe that.
4logpc  +   780d ago
You people will spin anything...
Tooly  +   780d ago
and you will fall for anything
Foxhound922  +   780d ago
Someone is cranky today. I was merely pointing out how funny that sounds.
christocolus  +   780d ago
these guys always love going off topic..if i were you i would ignore dude....looking forward to launch on the 22nd though.
Hufandpuf  +   780d ago
I agree with you, it's kind of stupid to boast real life graphics when the games don't look anything like real life. I'm saying this from hands on experience. The only game saw firsthand that would give Crysis a good challenge was Ryse.

No hate just firsthand experience.
Foxhound922  +   780d ago
Agreed, the games do look pretty darn good, but not lquite like real life....yet. But there are quite a few games that look and play better than rise.
ALLWRONG  +   780d ago
Ryse... currently the best looking next gen exclusive by far.
Foxhound922  +   780d ago
I guess Ryse is the only game you've seen this gen. Judging by the gameplay, I bet you reviews will be between the 4 and 7 range. Killzone and infamous look years ahead of Ryse.
Foxhound922  +   780d ago
If you think this

Looks better than this

Or this?

Then you need serious help

Before anyone freaks out, they are both direct feed and direct gameplay
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PFFT  +   780d ago
You do know that when SOny unveiled Killzone they were using Pc with PS4 like specs right? The current EB expo version of Shadowfall looks NOTHING like that pic. SO you fail!
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WeaseL  +   780d ago
Kinect Sports Rivals November or false avertising
Trekster_Gamer  +   780d ago
April release on that one sadly...
kickerz  +   780d ago
Xbox one day one...looking forward to free copy of FIFA 14 and will download killer instinct. And prolly get Ryse. Can't wait :)
majiebeast  +   780d ago
Why does the display look so bad? The posters are all wrinkly i thought bestbuy would have better display material.
Regis  +   780d ago
Maybe that's how best buy stored them?
Trekster_Gamer  +   780d ago
Ryse and COD ghosts as soon as the update is done!
sahusuff292   780d ago | Spam
Dlacy13g  +   780d ago
2 Articles posted up with the subjects: "Here’s How Best Buy Is Preparing to Receive the PlayStation " and "Here’s How Best Buy Prepares for the Coming of Xbox One". Seriously? That is just ridiculous...this is at best 1 article of "Here’s How Best Buy Prepares for the Coming of Next Gen". Gaming journalism at its best! /s
buynit  +   780d ago
God... You ppl cry over dumb Shit!
BigShotSmoov007  +   780d ago
That is the prettiest green I've ever seen......22nd please come as soon as possible.
buynit  +   780d ago
While i can't wait for my xb1 i have to disagree... I don't like that green lol as soon as i scrolled down my first reaction was ugh that Green!
kickerz  +   780d ago
Green is my favorite colour
Regis  +   780d ago
Money green is my favorite
Pogue1906  +   780d ago
i'll be playing madden25 25hr straight. undecided if i'm gonna get forza 5 or need for speed. i think i like running from the police, but i know forza is going to be baad asszz.
Ashby_JC  +   780d ago
Im hoping that Battlefield 4 MP works great from the start. Im REALLY looking forward to experiencing 32v32 BF action.

I never played anything on PC so this is as close as ill get to a true BF experience.

I loved BFBC1-2......BF3 was good but I stopped playing sooner then I expected.
Ashby_JC  +   780d ago
I have like $900 set aside for the system and 2 games.

Any suggestions on a place to pre-order that I can pay some down now and the rest on launch night??

PS I live in the US...east coast (DC nations capitol)
DejectedJeff  +   780d ago
best buy or walmart is always reliable, if they're still taking preorders.
TRD4L1fe  +   780d ago
Gamestop i believe is taking preorders for it now
Ashby_JC  +   780d ago

When I picked up GTA5 from gamestop on Sept 17th...the clerk said they werent taking XBone orders.

I most likely will just pay for it all up front amazon or best buy. The money is just sitting at my house collecting dust.
SpiralTear  +   780d ago
Are there a bunch of Kinects recording all of this?
horndog  +   780d ago
I can't wait. It will be like christmas morning.


Couldn't decide between the two so I got both.
TRD4L1fe  +   780d ago
this'll be my first time attending a launch event for a console so im pretty excited for this, i cant imagine how bananas everyone is gonna be when they get their hands on the Xbox
Ashby_JC  +   780d ago
I have NEVER went to a console launch. Im not getting any younger so I just may go to long as its not freezing cold...end of November on the East Coast it can get COOOOLD!!

I did go to a Halo launch night.I think it was #3. Im not even into Halo I just went with a friend just for the experience.

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