Video Explaining Ghost and the difference between listen servers & custom rentable servers

It was announced yesterday that CoD Ghosts will be using dedicated servers and listen server, but could also have custom rentable servers after launch. DriftOr decided to explain what a listen server is and go over some of the pros and cons of custom ranked servers. Lastly, there is also some great CoD Ghost gameplay in this video

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P0werVR1889d ago

Well it's not like they could've done anything about it 5 years ago. Now it's possible, since current gen made MP more prevalent.

XtraTrstrL1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Exactly! They're only doing it now because they know the fanbase is about to start dying down this gen. It should have been done back when people were begging and crying for it, instead of just treating people like idiots and saying "Our matchmaking is a better solution, trust us."