Kotaku Made Their Own Ad For Ellen Page's New Video Game

Now you can shape the life of an up-and-coming Canadian starlet! Play with dolls! Kiss boys! Order pizza!

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showtimefolks1863d ago

Kotaku always looking for hits

mixelon1863d ago

Arent all sites? That's sort of how it works!

Omegasyde1863d ago

I thought it was funny.

Off the record: Ellen is pretty hot, and I can't wait to see her as Kitty Pryde in the new Xmen.

Juno sucked. But she was good in Inception except in the call of duty dream phase.

Feocart1863d ago

Come on guys, this was a playful parody of the game.
There will be idiots that think this is the only aspect of the game, but it's an attempt to get hits and get a laugh out of the audience. Kotaku is no stranger riling up people up to get views, don't take it so seriously.

ziggurcat1863d ago

kraptaku at its finest...

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