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Kotaku Made Their Own Ad For Ellen Page's New Video Game

Now you can shape the life of an up-and-coming Canadian starlet! Play with dolls! Kiss boys! Order pizza! (Beyond: Two Souls, Ellen Page, PS3)

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Yep  +   476d ago
sahusuff292   476d ago | Spam
Godlovesgamers  +   476d ago
Idiotic at best.
kwyjibo  +   476d ago
Idiotic at its best.
Yep  +   476d ago
How is this not funny?
_QQ_  +   476d ago
Beyond two souls?
showtimefolks  +   476d ago
Kotaku always looking for hits
GameCents  +   476d ago
Why so serious?
mixelon  +   476d ago
Arent all sites? That's sort of how it works!
Omegasyde  +   476d ago
I thought it was funny.

Off the record: Ellen is pretty hot, and I can't wait to see her as Kitty Pryde in the new Xmen.

Juno sucked. But she was good in Inception except in the call of duty dream phase.
Feocart  +   476d ago
Come on guys, this was a playful parody of the game.
There will be idiots that think this is the only aspect of the game, but it's an attempt to get hits and get a laugh out of the audience. Kotaku is no stranger riling up people up to get views, don't take it so seriously.
ziggurcat  +   476d ago
kraptaku at its finest...
mike32UK  +   476d ago
Pretty stupid, but the attend juno premier part did get a chuckle from me
ziggurcat  +   476d ago
the weird thing i noticed when playing that part last night is that they made her back look like an 80-year old's... :(
mike32UK  +   476d ago
I'm from the UK it hasn't come out here yet :( im hoping for an early delivery today from amazon!
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_QQ_  +   476d ago
Harpers_Ferry  +   476d ago
Good idea, poor execution.
rambi80  +   476d ago
"ignore william defoe" made me laugh but the rest was meh
Heisenburger  +   476d ago
Who is William Defoe?
rambi80  +   476d ago

Denis Leary in drag
Pandamobile  +   476d ago
ITT Sony Fans that can't take a joke, apparently.

Why so serious, guys?
dumahim  +   476d ago
It isn't Sony fanboys. It's the irrational hate for anything related to Kotaku.

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