Gaming Aspects in Pokémon Origins

Hardcore Gamer: Here's a bit of background info to get things started. The episodes are based off the original Pokémon, Red and Green. There is no real story line present but there is a plot that is followed. You train a team, earn badges, defeat Team Rocket and catch all the Pokémon. The anime goes along with those events but adds more emotion. Red, the protagonist, learns how to grow with his Pokémon forming strong bonds and friendship.

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malokevi1894d ago

That picture brings back so many version!

Though I'm not sure what to make of those scary lookin symbols.

GenericNameHere1894d ago

Scary lookin symbols? The ポケットモンスター? Haha that's Japanese, man. Katakana, which reads Poketto Monsuta- in Romaji, or Pocket Monster (Japanese name)/ Pokémon (English name).

GenericNameHere1894d ago

I personally thought this anime special was decent.
•1:40 is not enough to tell the whole Gen 1 storyline, but I still think they could have done a bit better. The Lavender Town Pokémon Tower for example. I could have done without the extra ghost Marowak backstory.
•The Gym Battle against Brock was BS, and that probably took like 8 minutes. Just way too long.
•Giovanni gym battle... What a load of heart and friendship bull that was. This ain't Kingdom Hearts friendship, man.
•They should have shown the WHOLE Red vs Green Champion fight. Why the heck did you skip the middle fight, when this was the final battle between the protagonist and his rival??!!
•I don't like how Mr. Fuji was retconned into having the Charizardite X. Why'd he have it? How'd be get it?

I liked the new rendition of the battle theme and animation though