10 Biggest Sega Fails

No one knows failure better than Sega, so we put together this list of the 10 Biggest Sega Fails. For a while, it seemed like Sega couldn’t do anything right. Their consoles were coming out at the wrong time, their software libraries were weak, and their claims of “blast processing” were falling on deaf ears. They tried very hard to innovate in the way consoles and expansion devices were made, but a world that looked at video games as toys saw these innovations as money wasters.

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kalkano1809d ago

To me, #1 will always be trying to turn Shining Force into a hentai action-RPG series...*shudder*

darthv721809d ago

The title and the content dont quite mesh together. When someone proclaims the term "fail" that is generally a unified way to say there was no success.

Oddly enough, many of the items on the list were, in fact, successful. Many may joke about the sega CD but it had a huge library of games. Many of which were never released in cartridge format. to say it failed is to say that the CD format failed to grab hold of the industry. We know from the following gen (saturn/ps1) that was not the case.

Saturn was much more of a success in JP than in the west. it had a modest run in the west but the lion's share of quality games were stuck in JP. What failed during that gen was Sega's decision making skills to bring those games out of JP.

the 6 button controller was designed for fighting games. period...end of story. the popularity of street fighter 2 caused sega to create their own controller and get capcom on board with making a port of the arcade game. it wasnt meant to be the successor to the original genesis pad but more of a specialized pad for fighting games. Naturally the use of the pad outside of fighting games was limited. It did eventually become the packin controller for the CDX though.

the rest of the list is pretty spot on but the common ground between all of them is....decision making skills of Sega. Many of these entries were a result of poor understanding of market trends and the decisions to do (or not do) what was in the best interest of the consumer. A missing but understandable omission would be the canceling of Propeller arena for the dreamcast. that game was complete and ready for take off until the tragedy of 9/11 happened. Sega pulled the plug on that game and never reconsidered.

it can be found online today and anyone with a dreamcast should download a copy and play it. it is really quite fun still to this day.

SegaGamer1809d ago

That is rubbish about modern Sonic, modern Sonic is all about speed. Sonic 4 episode 1 and 2, half of Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations, this is all modern Sonic.