GTA IV UK TV Spot Analysis

A break down of the UK GTA4 trailer by Dragnet.

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SUP3R3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

That analysis just made me EXTREMELY hyped for the game.
So much going on at one time and the attention to detail is excellent.
I like how Rockstar acknowledges their shortcomings by covering it up with a distraction lol those clever kids.


I laughed hardest at granny causing a fight at someone's funeral. LOL!
I can't wait to meet her in the game and see how she plays into the story.

badboy8083889d ago

Now thats the game I'm waiting for.

sonarus3889d ago

I know i'm going to be alone on this seeing as i am not really hyped for GTA4. But since when did we start accepting user made videos just like that. With the rush of new n4g users appears the news quality has just been all over the place

NO_PUDding3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Sonarus, somethign I saw the otehr day made me feel exactly the same.. An analysis as good as this seems fair though. Apart from....

How the hell is a bowler hat British?

Anyone see that Americans aren't stupid blog the other day. This is the kind of thing that's just unfounded ignorance.

Are all British leprachauns to you people?


Ice2ms3889d ago

"Are all British leprachauns to you people?"
Lol Leprechauns are Irish m8.

On topic really nice detail looking forward to release !

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Crazyglues3889d ago

They saw things I was never even thinking about, I loved that re-cap that was nice... really well done.

Can't wait 8 days and counting... I can't believe we are actually 8 days away...

moveteam3889d ago

That was great, just annoying sounds.

Thumbs up!

Gamingisfornerds3889d ago

Very well done analysis, better than any of the official analysis's I've seen before. Nicely done.

moveteam3889d ago

Agree, he got some pretty exciting details.

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The story is too old to be commented.