Astro comments on Xbox One & PS4 compatibility; now a licensed Xbox One partner

Examiner: "If you're one of the many, many gamers out there who have purchased an Astro Gaming headset - many of which are prices in the hundreds of dollars range - we've got some good news for you. Today, Astro has commented on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 compatibility."

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BiggCMan1865d ago

HELL YEA!!! My A50 will work with PS4 after a firmware update! Hopefully it doesn't take long.

Pieman5231865d ago

Good to hear my A50's will be supported on all platforms.

Cueil1865d ago

Adapter for the Xbox One should be out around launch... though if you're serious gamer you probably should look to buy and official licensed headset from Astro when they come out do to the improved voice quality

nukeitall1865d ago

The officially licensed product will likely be completely wireless with no need to use an adapter or even connect it to the Xbox One controller.

I generally don't buy these, mainly because I wear glasses and it is literally a pain to use these as it pushes against the glasses.

The standard headset included will be fine, because the voice quality is significantly updated, but I will just stick with the ease of using Kinect One! :D

QuantumWake1865d ago

I'm still using my crappy turtle beaches. I need to upgrade to these or some Trittons before next-gen starts!

Volkama1865d ago

Are these really so much better than the xp510 or similar turtle beach sets? So hard to get consistent feedback on headsets...

QuantumWake1865d ago

Well the ones I'm using are the X12s which I got for $35 bucks on black friday. Haven't tried out the xp510s so I couldn't say. I follow a lot of pro streamers on twitch and most of them use and recommend Astros.

I'd probably start there but it really depends on your budget and needs. Definitely leaning towards Astros though.

Volkama1865d ago

Thanks for taking the time to answer :)

I have an expensive tb xp400 headset. It's one of the few that use multiple positioned speakers instead of virtual surround, but now they all seem to have gone the virtual route and they all review 9s and 10s across the board.

I'm leaning towards XP510s at the moment for the sake of compatibility across consoles and PC, but I'll check out this Astro BF4 set that just got announced :)

redwin1865d ago

If they are making me buy that kinect I'm gonna tham well use it. That's my mic.