10 Reasons to Give JRPGs a Try

CCC Says: "Typically, role-playing games (RPGs) tend to encompass all things involving the telling of a good story. Some do it better than others, and still, some fail miserably. It is no different with Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs). But for years now, the gamers in the Western world have nearly wholly dismissed this genre of game because they “don’t get it,” or, “it was too hard,” or some other lame excuse. The truth of it is that the Japanese have a very different style of storytelling, and most Western gamers just want to be entertained rather than challenged. So I have taken it as a challenge to come up with a few reasons why you should give JRPGs a solid go before dismissing them altogether."

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SegaGamer1889d ago

No matter how hard you try to convince people sadly it will never appeal to most. In my opinion gaming is like everything else, it' full of sheep. So that means shooting games like CoD will always be ahead of any RPG because that is the "cool" thing to do.