Why Some of Us Will Pass on CoD: Ghosts

Eskimo Press: For the past few years I have to admit I’ve been somewhat of a seasonal Call of Duty fiend. For me it started with the awesome Modern Warfare, and like millions of other gamers, I’ve spent countless hours in the CoD 4 multiplayer. I loved it and could not get enough. As the years have gone by I’ve played each new instalment in the franchise, and thoroughly enjoyed most of them, especially playing online. Then, all of a sudden, I’ve had more than enough.

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Neonridr1890d ago

Not me. I play CoD games for the Single Player campaigns believe it or not. I really do like the over-the-top action sequences. Couldn't really care less for the MP side of it. Haven't really played CoD online since MW2 days.

MWong1890d ago

I believe it I do the same thing. I'll be there for the SP and then back over to BF4 for both SP & MP.

WorldGamer1890d ago

@ Neonridr and MWong.....
Wouldn't you both be better served by renting CoD: Ghost? I'm sure the campaign isn't going to be more than 8 hours. That's a couple of days if you have the time, heck, could be done in one sitting.

Save some money, in order to get some other games.

MWong1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I will be renting it from GameFly. Not on my list of games to buy, will be mainly playing BF4, Watch Dogs, KillZone, AC4 and a few F2P games.

Neonridr1890d ago

@WorldGamer - well I'm not saying I won't check out the MP ever. But I believe I will be spending more time on the BF4 MP servers. That style of game seems to interest me more. I'll still purchase Ghosts to add it to my CoD collection though.. ;)

Kryptonite42O1890d ago

lol that might be a reason to keep playing hahaha too funny. I think its pure comedy making kids rage lol. MinnesotaBurns has some great ones lol

Lord_Frieza1890d ago

the reason I don't play cod online because i'm rubbish

Lykon1890d ago

same here ... i played the sp of the ww2 one and mw2 .. then someone lent me the one where you go online and theres a plane and i just kept getting stabbed in the neck before i could even find my bearings. i gave up after a while. I love you by the way .. random internet love

cell9891890d ago

Im one of those that actually plays the single player campaign, will probably play some online, and keep it for when people come over and we need a split screen coop game

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SeanScythe1890d ago

Last COD game I bought was Black Ops 1, After that I just found myself hating the series. Kind of like a tv series that's dried up and started doing musical episodes to pass as entertainment. Maybe one day COD will do something that pulls me back again.

BLAKHOODe1890d ago

It's not even on my radar this go-round. I'm already picking up Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4 at (PS4) launch. Their multiplayer will take care of me for awhile. I do hope the RedBox rents the next-gen version of COD at some point in the near future, though.

hankmoody1890d ago

I tuned out after CoD: MW2.

abusador1890d ago

Definitely wont be getting next COD as its not even in my radar anymore and will be getting BF4 instead. Im tired of that same COD formula! and same visuals and same everything! Thats why i appreciate a game say like "Starhawk" it was Warhawks spiritual successor and although alot of things were similar it wasnt afraid to change and do things different. True it didnt sell alot but damn i appreciate risk takers, sometimes they pay off, sometimes they dont.

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The story is too old to be commented.