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GTA 5 vs. The Last of Us: Game of the Year Watch

Grand Theft Auto V is the second game of 2013 to get a 10, along with The Last of Us. Will one of the two inevitably be named Game of the Year? (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, The Last Of Us, Xbox 360)

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-Foxtrot  +   657d ago | Well said
Last of Us all the way for me

It had a fantastic story, great character development, beautiful scenery and graphics, lets not forget this is all without Rockstars budget.

Oh and it's a new IP...we've always complained that we see fantastic new IP's get overshadowed by sequels to old franchises so I feel like The Last of Us has one over GTAV there.

At least ND has their online working at the time, I'm wondering if Rockstar postponed the online because they knew it wasn't ready and didn't want it to effect the overall review journalists might give them.
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Ezz2013  +   657d ago
i agree
i got to say this year have been pretty incredible and awesome
and it's not even over yet
still tons of games coming out
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pedrof93  +   656d ago
GTA V came out it felt like something of the other world, but after beating it, it felt like just OK to me.

The truth is that the GTA online is better that the Story mode. So counting that departement I think GTA V will be Game of the Year.
HammadTheBeast  +   656d ago
Sadly, TLOU probably won't win official awards just for being an exclusive.

Haters gonna hate.

But it doesn't matter anyway.
RyuCloudStrife  +   656d ago
TLOU should be GOTY because it is a new innovative IP that is GREAT.

GTA:V IS GREAT but its a sequel and there was a lot of anticipation for it that's why it sold so well.
SniperControl  +   657d ago
Same here, TLoU for me. It had me hooked, I wanted more.
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IQUITN4G  +   656d ago
Tlos initially impressed like no other it must be said but it wasn't able to maintain this. overall I'd have to say gta is far more impressive in many respects which is highly surprising considering I'm not at all into this series
gta5 is a considerable achievement

edit: I appear to have accidently replied sniper
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Boody-Bandit  +   656d ago
TLOU for me too.

Incredible new IP, compelling story, excellent graphics and gameplay. Just on overall more polished game. Completed it 3x and will most likely play it again. Still playing GTA V. Beat the main story but I'm doing the side missions and hobbies.
ZodTheRipper  +   656d ago
Nothing to add here, I started my fourth playthrough recently and it's still as fun as it was in the beginning.
stevehyphen  +   656d ago
TLOU as well.

It's what Greg said; most of what's great about GTA came along in GTA3. GTA3 is by no means the best GTA game, but the shock and awe hit the hardest in 3.

GTA5 and TLOU are both outstanding games, but TLOU has literary aspirations in its corner. The importance of this cannot be understated. To release a "zombie" game mid 2013 to that much acclaim and fanfare is a massive feat. That genre was already getting tired before this game's release.

I'm sure the script was pretty darned lengthy, and I would love to see Druckmann try novels or screenplays. That dude can make a story!

My hat is certainly off to Naughty Dog for this one. I will remember TLOU forever.
bloodybutcher  +   656d ago
hmm,i have finished tlou 2 times and got kinda bored...traded it in to get gta5:) which, i must say, could have better story...or more main missions.something is lacking there.
LiQuiZoN  +   656d ago
Def last of us. No question. It's a game changer, literally.
JeffGUNZ  +   656d ago
I think the last of us was AMAZING, but how do you think it was a game changer? I think GTA V has more to offer and their attention to detail is remarkable. I still can't believe they thought enough to add the "tinking" of the engine when you turn the car off and let it sit there. GTA has a solid single player and an immerse MP, due to those two elements, I believe GTA is the better and more impressive package.
Jury  +   656d ago
I agree. After playing both and letting them digest. It's the last of us that stays with me... In a good way.

Hurry up dlc!!
SkippyPaccino  +   656d ago
Lovable  +   657d ago
Definitely TLOU. Not even a debate on this. It's just the better game.
Blacktric  +   656d ago
"Not even a debate on this."

Nice opinion.
nooneknows  +   656d ago
LOL Not even a debate. Seriously.
JoGam  +   656d ago
Agreed. No Debate. GTA5 will win something but GOTY will be The Last of Us. Seriously, GTA was good but it just GTA in a Nut Shell. The Last of Us was refreshing.
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Neonridr  +   657d ago
Hard to say, there were so many great games this year. Bioshock Infinite is another game that is worthy of GOTY mention. But I do feel it is going to come down to GTA V and TLOU. I have a feeling in the end it will go to GTA V. Not that it's a better game, but I just think it had so much hype leading up to it and so many expectations and I think it delivered way beyond all of that. Not to mention it broke like 10 game related records in the process.

In the end, it doesn't really matter what wins GOTY. If the GOTY to you is Aliens: Colonial Marines, then gosh darnit, it can be... but you'd also be crazy.
_FantasmA_  +   656d ago
No way on Bioshock Infinite. I love Bioshock and am probably biased towards it, but not Infinite. That game does not deserve it. Levine needs to know that he messed up big time.
Blacktric  +   656d ago
Infinite was just a typical shooter game with a terribly written time travel story. It didn't deserve half the praise it's gotten. The Last Of Us on the other hand, does deserve all the praise.
iamgoatman  +   656d ago
"Infinite was just a typical shooter game with a terribly written time travel story"

There was no time travel in it. Shows how much attention you paid.
MRMagoo123  +   656d ago
I enjoyed bioshock 1 and 2 more than infinite, it just felt odd i didnt like the combat much either.
testsubject  +   656d ago
Agree with you 100% Bioshock Infinite is GOTY these N4Gers are just dick ridding TLOU and just won't stop.
shadow18spirit  +   657d ago
If Its Between Gta and Tlou , then definitely Tlou
Conzul  +   656d ago
Agree. The Last of Us was so powerful it changed the way I look at people. How often does THAT happen!?
buynit  +   656d ago
Ssooo..... How do you look at ppl Now?
Ezz2013  +   656d ago
""Ssooo..... How do you look at ppl Now? ""

they look like clickers now :P
Conzul  +   656d ago
All shifty like.
Nah, but seriously,I did undergo a paradigm shift.
I guess they couldn't finish the title of the article. It should be...

"GTA 5 vs. The Last of Us: Game of the Year Watch Dogs."
abusador  +   656d ago
Funny your allowed to have your own opinion but "Watch dogs"? lol Come on you can do better than that.
noctis_lumia  +   656d ago
stop posting already
CaptainYesterday  +   657d ago
I love both games! Please don't make me choose!
wsoutlaw87  +   656d ago
ya and there very different games. It would be a crime for either one not to win after all the time and detail put in
abusador  +   657d ago
TLOU all the way for me for many reasons. I still enjoy GTA5 though.


Tlou has whats called mp and is very replayable and the lobbys are constantly full. I wouldnt replay GTA5 as towards the end i got bored but TLOU i replayed twice and keep playing mp. Sorry dude just bcus a game is open world doesnt make it better. Open world games sacrifice alot to be open world and we all know TLOU is better looking. also linear games for me tend to be less repetitive and more focsued and story driven which i find GTA games to be very rpetitive and boring after awhile with its many missions and submissions. Linear games have trade off and so do open world games. In the end my choice is def. TLOU.
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SephirothX21  +   656d ago
GTA mp is fixed now. I'm not saying GTA V is better just because its open world. It does open world very well. TLOU became very annoying at times. A lot of the game is very slow paced which is fine for the first playthrough but for replayability, it get annoying. The checkpoints are also far too frequent which ruined the survival aspect to the game. Also, for a game that is linear, there are far too many times in the game where the player cannot access a particular room when they should be able to. Its these things that keep it from achieving its potential but its still a great game. GTA V has a lot of issues as well but its just too much fun to care about. I would the game is anything but boring. The missions are fun and the characters are entertaining and there's plenty to do outside of the main story. Its just on another level imo. Many people on this site will just say TLOU is their favourite game because its a PS3 exclusive.
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Ezz2013  +   656d ago
i really hate when some guy think because people love a game it must be because it exclusive

here another video from IGN about both games
look for the best comments with most votes
as you can see it's not just N4G gamers who think that
people have different opinion than you doesn't mean they are wrong and you are right
and i have yet to find a site where gamers don't see TLOU as GOTY/GOTG contender
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SniperControl  +   656d ago
The whole point of TLoU is that it is a survival horror, every single one of your actions has a consequence.
Checkpoints are placed far apart to build tension and fear, conerstones of survival horror games.
The pace is slow because you have to think about your actions and not go in guns blazing.
I suspect the type of game you are looking for is either dead rising or COD black op zombies.
It has nothing to do with PS3 exclusivity, ND just happens to be a Sony studio that made a stonking game.
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SephirothX21  +   656d ago
Did I say everyone who thinks TLOU is a better game does so because its PS3 exclusive? No I didn't. I said a lot of people on this site probably do but there are more who will genuinely prefer TLOU. I accept other people's opinions but there is definitely a lot of subjectivity on this site. Judging by the heat my comments are getting, it seems that people can't accept my opinion.
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Ezz2013  +   656d ago
no heat
people accept your opinion but
it just people don't agree with your opinion
Vandamme21  +   657d ago
The Last of us is my game of the year...GTA5 disapoint me..the shooting in the game is just awful..it bore the hell out of me.
yezz  +   656d ago
Well as bad as the GTA V shooting is, I wouldn't say TLOU has much better shooting itself.. TLOU had a great story and it looks good but it feels very clumsy and bored me more than GTA V..

Now that the GTA online works pretty well it's definately my favourite out of these two.
SniperControl  +   656d ago

"TLOU had a great story and it looks good but it feels very clumsy and bored me more than GTA V"

The whole point was that Joel was just a normal bloke, put into a extreme situation, he was never some super solider with pin point sniper skills or trained in the ninja arts, his shooting skills were that of a man in a desperate situation. I believe ND meant this on purpose (i am sure this was mentioned in a interview somewhere)
yezz  +   656d ago
Fair enough but I can't understand the logic that when shooting is apparently meant to be bad it's a good thing but when it's just generally bad the game sucks?
ThaBlackBaron  +   657d ago
To be honest...Fire Emblem Awakening need to get a nod for GOTY! Outstanding Game! But theres NO way GTA V looses this year
Crystallis  +   657d ago
No question the last of us should be GOTY.
SephirothX21  +   657d ago
TLOU is a great game but GTA V is much more fun and a greater technical achievement. The size of the world combined with the ability to control God knows how many different vehicles and the number of activities available make it the better game for me. TLOU did nothing wrong but it has a linear world and doesn't have as much replayability. TLOU shooting is definitely better but the sandbox element of GTA V and the good physics easily make it a better game for me. Though they are very different games and if I didn't like sandbox games as much as I do, I'd probably prefer TLOU.
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hankmoody  +   657d ago
Haven't touched it since I beat it, only once to play through that amazing beginning again.
yezz  +   656d ago
Don't know how do you get so many disagrees because you're right.. It is a technical achievement on current gen and I would be delighted to hear, why it isn't for some people.

The amount of detail the game has is very impressive and it's a bit sad that many people won't even see or experience them.
The_Villager  +   657d ago
Fire Emblem: Awakening is my GOTY.
JoGam  +   656d ago
Awakening? Wake Up Dude you're Dreaming!
Pintheshadows  +   656d ago
You know, I think this is a very difficult choice.

Put aside the online components for a second and you have two titans doing different things. From a narrative and character perspective TLOU is hands down the winner. It attaches you like no other game I have ever played.

GTA5 however builds such a believable, detailed and huge world, but then again TLOU's world feels real as well and it is just as beautiful.

I think both the games have fantastic sound design and wonderfully well constructed mechanics built by people who know their profession. One is more laser focused whilst the other is full of all manner of activities and encourages you to have fun in its world.

I can't make a decision on this and to those who have to, I don't envy you. Maybe for shear impact i'd go TLOU.

All I will add is I think Metro Last Light deserves to be in this conversation as well. It may not win but it was truly excellent and I thought it was better than Infinite.
Ezz2013  +   656d ago
you are confused and i feel you
it really hard to pick one this year
if only one of them come out this year and the other next year
it would be much much easier
but i admit i'm biased toward TLOU which make my choice easier but still enjoyed GTA 5 alot and understand why it fans ould see it as GOTY as well
anyway both will win tons of GOTY awards...since GOTY is not exclusive to one site

the best part is that ps3 owners get to enjoy both though
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fattyuk  +   656d ago
I love GTA, love the online now it's working.... it's a proper gaming game, currently going for 100%

TLOU messed my jet lag up as the day arrived home from vegas was when tlou was on the store. downloaded it, played the game solid and my sleep pattern was a mess for days!

But TLOU has to be GOTY for the setting story characters emotion gorgeous scenes, the ending the middle and the beginning of the game!

Needs a sequel in the "world" that is the last of us........it needs to be a trilogy without any spins off, a proper trilogy like alot of great films,
from the beach  +   656d ago
Bioshock Infinite has to be in the running too.

Watch Dogs and Super Mario 3D World still to come.
infectedaztec  +   656d ago
I was wondering where the love for bioshock infinite was...

It is new IP, basically they only borrowed the name and one scene from rapture.

I probably preferred TLOU as a complete game but Infinite had the best story and most imaginative setting I've ever come across. The AI and gameplay is where it fell down for me.
scott182  +   656d ago
TLoU is game of the yearS...
DoesUs  +   656d ago
50/50 for me. Both exceed in different areas but both absolutely at the top of the tree this past generation.
AllroundGamer  +   656d ago
the one, that had fully functional multiplayer from the start...
Ashlen  +   656d ago
The Last of Us
cell989  +   656d ago
I feel The Last Of Us Deserves this recognition more than GTA5 as its a new IP and proved theres still a place for fresh ideas instead of milked franchises. Im not saying GAT5 is a bad game, not at all, its actually a very good game that deserves the praise it has received so far.

The fact remains, GTA5 is riding on a huge amount of hype by PS and xbox gamers, which means it had garnered more support and exposure, while The Last Of Us is a PS exclusive, sad to say but the fact that GTA5 is multiplat means it has better chances of winning the coveted GOTY price.
yezz  +   656d ago
I hate to hear when people say gta is so called "milked franchise".. The last game came out 2008 and gta v improved many aspects from it so how is it milked?! COD is milked because it comes out every year and doesn't improve much. There is a difference..
cell989  +   656d ago
never said GTA is a milked franchise, maybe I didnt construct my sentence correctly, meant to say The Last Of Us brings something fresh as opposed to so many other games out there that depend on annual releases with the same tried and true formula, doing little to no changes, ala COD. GTA does not do this as every iteration is a beast of its own, and yes at the core GTA5 is still just like GTA3 but the production value keeps it fresh and enjoyable. Now for the next version of GTA, we really do need to see some major improvements, prettier graphics, new story, and open world gameplay wont be enough. The mission structure was improved in GTA5 thanks to the use of 3 characters, but even then, its still a game about driving from point A to point B. you got your taxi missions, your vigilante cop missions, your airplane challenges, your motorcycle races, your stealing cars missions and your robbery missions. Like I said R* has to keep the creativity going as theyve been doing so far.
cactusjack  +   656d ago
theres still some next gen games that have to come out yet, oct and nov will see some huge contenders also, KZ shadowfall, AC blackflag, watchdogs, battlefield 4.
cell989  +   656d ago
do you think Ryse will be a contender too? lol sorry I felt like trolling a bit
yezz  +   656d ago
AllroundGamer "That" one didn't have over 10 million people pushing the servers and massive open world with good amount of NPCs "living" in the world.. just saying.
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nategrigs  +   656d ago
Both are great games. I would probably give the edge to TLoU for being a new IP, but GTAV will win most votes because its not a console exclusive and more people played it.
king_george  +   656d ago
You never really know tho. Look at Uncharted 2! Man i got my fingers crossed for the last of us!
ps3vita4life  +   656d ago
Definitely The Last of Us for me. The Last of Us has the best single player campaign I've ever played. The game really hooked me from start to finish with its compelling story, characters and gameplay (graphics too). Multiplayer is really fun and quite addicting if I must say so.

While, GTA 5 is awesome fun and is an incredibly great game with a great campaign (can't say the same for online), TLOU impacted in a way no other game has and I will for ever remember as my favourite game of all time. My personal GOTY!!
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noctis_lumia  +   656d ago
the last of us
king_george  +   656d ago
Ive been playing gta5 and its awesome but please lord let The Last of Us win game of the year at the video game awards!!!! Anyone who has played and beaten the game knows it deserves it so bad. The story is absolutely incredible and just cant be beat. I like it more than the original bioshock story and thats saying something.

Ive absolutely fallen in love with the last of us and hope it wins. And dont even get me started on that insanely addictive multiplayer jesus!
SniperControl  +   656d ago
I would say the split is 70/30 in favor of TLoU, well on this forum anyway.
IHassounah  +   656d ago
I don't think the majority will agree with me but I have to say GTA5 and I'll say why . the reason is that the games sold not a lot compared to GTA5 given that it's an exclusive game , over 5 million people vote for games when it comes to game of the year , GTA5 will be the most voted for cause it is the one that had been possible to buy more of
curtis92  +   656d ago
TLOU was a masterpiece in the few things it did. GTA 5 is 'okay' in the millions of things it did. I'll take the one that did the few things flawlessly.
stonecold3  +   656d ago
I have both games for me its the last of us.
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