GTA 5 vs. The Last of Us: Game of the Year Watch

Grand Theft Auto V is the second game of 2013 to get a 10, along with The Last of Us. Will one of the two inevitably be named Game of the Year?


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-Foxtrot1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Last of Us all the way for me

It had a fantastic story, great character development, beautiful scenery and graphics, lets not forget this is all without Rockstars budget.

Oh and it's a new IP...we've always complained that we see fantastic new IP's get overshadowed by sequels to old franchises so I feel like The Last of Us has one over GTAV there.

At least ND has their online working at the time, I'm wondering if Rockstar postponed the online because they knew it wasn't ready and didn't want it to effect the overall review journalists might give them.

Ezz20131893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

i agree
i got to say this year have been pretty incredible and awesome
and it's not even over yet
still tons of games coming out

pedrof931893d ago

GTA V came out it felt like something of the other world, but after beating it, it felt like just OK to me.

The truth is that the GTA online is better that the Story mode. So counting that departement I think GTA V will be Game of the Year.

HammadTheBeast1893d ago

Sadly, TLOU probably won't win official awards just for being an exclusive.

Haters gonna hate.

But it doesn't matter anyway.

RyuCloudStrife1893d ago

TLOU should be GOTY because it is a new innovative IP that is GREAT.

GTA:V IS GREAT but its a sequel and there was a lot of anticipation for it that's why it sold so well.

SniperControl1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Same here, TLoU for me. It had me hooked, I wanted more.

IQUITN4G1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Tlos initially impressed like no other it must be said but it wasn't able to maintain this. overall I'd have to say gta is far more impressive in many respects which is highly surprising considering I'm not at all into this series
gta5 is a considerable achievement

edit: I appear to have accidently replied sniper

Boody-Bandit1893d ago

TLOU for me too.

Incredible new IP, compelling story, excellent graphics and gameplay. Just on overall more polished game. Completed it 3x and will most likely play it again. Still playing GTA V. Beat the main story but I'm doing the side missions and hobbies.

ZodTheRipper1893d ago

Nothing to add here, I started my fourth playthrough recently and it's still as fun as it was in the beginning.

Thehyph1893d ago

TLOU as well.

It's what Greg said; most of what's great about GTA came along in GTA3. GTA3 is by no means the best GTA game, but the shock and awe hit the hardest in 3.

GTA5 and TLOU are both outstanding games, but TLOU has literary aspirations in its corner. The importance of this cannot be understated. To release a "zombie" game mid 2013 to that much acclaim and fanfare is a massive feat. That genre was already getting tired before this game's release.

I'm sure the script was pretty darned lengthy, and I would love to see Druckmann try novels or screenplays. That dude can make a story!

My hat is certainly off to Naughty Dog for this one. I will remember TLOU forever.

bloodybutcher1893d ago

hmm,i have finished tlou 2 times and got kinda bored...traded it in to get gta5:) which, i must say, could have better story...or more main missions.something is lacking there.

LiQuiZoN1893d ago

Def last of us. No question. It's a game changer, literally.

JeffGUNZ1893d ago

I think the last of us was AMAZING, but how do you think it was a game changer? I think GTA V has more to offer and their attention to detail is remarkable. I still can't believe they thought enough to add the "tinking" of the engine when you turn the car off and let it sit there. GTA has a solid single player and an immerse MP, due to those two elements, I believe GTA is the better and more impressive package.

Jury1893d ago

I agree. After playing both and letting them digest. It's the last of us that stays with me... In a good way.

Hurry up dlc!!

SkippyPaccino1893d ago


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Lovable1893d ago

Definitely TLOU. Not even a debate on this. It's just the better game.

Blacktric1893d ago

"Not even a debate on this."

Nice opinion.

nooneknows1893d ago

LOL Not even a debate. Seriously.

JoGam1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Agreed. No Debate. GTA5 will win something but GOTY will be The Last of Us. Seriously, GTA was good but it just GTA in a Nut Shell. The Last of Us was refreshing.

Neonridr1893d ago

Hard to say, there were so many great games this year. Bioshock Infinite is another game that is worthy of GOTY mention. But I do feel it is going to come down to GTA V and TLOU. I have a feeling in the end it will go to GTA V. Not that it's a better game, but I just think it had so much hype leading up to it and so many expectations and I think it delivered way beyond all of that. Not to mention it broke like 10 game related records in the process.

In the end, it doesn't really matter what wins GOTY. If the GOTY to you is Aliens: Colonial Marines, then gosh darnit, it can be... but you'd also be crazy.

_FantasmA_1893d ago

No way on Bioshock Infinite. I love Bioshock and am probably biased towards it, but not Infinite. That game does not deserve it. Levine needs to know that he messed up big time.

Blacktric1893d ago

Infinite was just a typical shooter game with a terribly written time travel story. It didn't deserve half the praise it's gotten. The Last Of Us on the other hand, does deserve all the praise.

iamgoatman1893d ago

"Infinite was just a typical shooter game with a terribly written time travel story"

There was no time travel in it. Shows how much attention you paid.

MRMagoo1231893d ago

I enjoyed bioshock 1 and 2 more than infinite, it just felt odd i didnt like the combat much either.

testsubject1893d ago

Agree with you 100% Bioshock Infinite is GOTY these N4Gers are just dick ridding TLOU and just won't stop.

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shadow18spirit1893d ago

If Its Between Gta and Tlou , then definitely Tlou

Conzul1893d ago

Agree. The Last of Us was so powerful it changed the way I look at people. How often does THAT happen!?

buynit1893d ago

Ssooo..... How do you look at ppl Now?

Ezz20131893d ago

""Ssooo..... How do you look at ppl Now? ""

they look like clickers now :P

Conzul1893d ago

All shifty like.
Nah, but seriously,I did undergo a paradigm shift.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1893d ago

I guess they couldn't finish the title of the article. It should be...

"GTA 5 vs. The Last of Us: Game of the Year Watch Dogs."

abusador1893d ago

Funny your allowed to have your own opinion but "Watch dogs"? lol Come on you can do better than that.