How can Nintendo take The Legend of Zelda to the next level?

Miyamoto once explained that when he created The Legend of Zelda, he thought back on his youth. He would go out into the natural landscape of Japan, and explore forests and caves. This sense of exploration is what inspired the Zelda games.

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king_george1893d ago

Idk if that was a joke but it actually sounds kinda cool haha. Atleast in my head

Tony-Red-Grave1893d ago

Bigger world/more dungeons/bigger dungeons. Personally that's all I want. It doesn't need to look more realistic it just needs to be much bigger more of an open world game where the world is the puzzle, sort of like windwaker.

Nyxus1893d ago

I like a big world, but it should not feel like it's filler. There should be enough diversity and enough to do in the world. That's what I didn't like about Twilight Princess, the world was very big but there wasn't a lot to do, which just meant you had to walk / ride around a lot.

Tony-Red-Grave1893d ago

Good point. I'm just stating what i'd like pretty barebones like. The bigger the world the more creative the devs have to be or as the player you'll get alot of nothing for a long time. So new mechanics could be added, more enemies along the way, easter eggs, secret dungeons, faster ways to cover ground, etc etc.

What i'm hoping for might be alot to ask for but I personally believe it can be pulled off. Not saying it'd fit a zelda game but i'd like to see it. Never got to play Twilight Princess so I don't know if they tried anything like the above and failed/succeeded.

cactusjack1893d ago

how about making it next gen.

Nyxus1893d ago

What do you feel it would need to do in order to achieve that?

BlackWolf1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

And your definition of next gen is... by any chance... graphics?
I disagree if that's the case.

IcicleTrepan1893d ago

I'd like to see it step away from cartoon style graphics to a more realistic looking type of game.

Also, I'd like to see a more mature zelda game, maybe a bit darker where characters in the story die.

Chupa-Chupa1893d ago

like GTA mixed with Skyrim and Pixel Junk Monsters.

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The story is too old to be commented.