The Point - Should games try to be films?

Danny wonders if games are trying too hard to be movies, or if experiences like Beyond: Two Souls are opening up new avenues for the medium.

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cleft51889d ago

Better question, should people try to limit what games are and who gamers can be?

Xsilver1889d ago

IN the words of David Cage "who are you to say what a game is" i like that guy.

Roccetarius1889d ago

Hmm, all i got from this, is that David Cage's interactivity attracts the less intelligent. Those who watches shallow movies and shows.

monkeyfox1889d ago

...some should, some shouldnt. end of story..

FunkMacNasty1889d ago

Well since technology has improved over the decades, videogames have become an interactive storytelling medium, and that's one of the main things that I think has moved the genre and industry forward.

If we were all still playing games to beat the high score or save the princess, we would'nt need these new high powered consoles. I give Cage and the Quantic Dream studio a lot of credit for trying something different.