The Co-op Podcast 60: Is GTA Online A Letdown?

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: We're back with episode 60 of The Co-op podcast. This week our main discussion was based on the controversial GTA Online mode which launched over a week ago. We spoke on our difficulties with connecting to the game and losing characters. We all agreed collectively that it's a fun game, but is it short lived? And when it's all said and done, given the hype, will GTA Online be known as a let down? We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts below.

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xHeavYx1893d ago

Not for me. I've been having a lot of fun since the 1.02 patch

crimsonfox1893d ago

Thankfully the biggest set back I have had to deal with was losing 20 Thousand on October 3rd. Since then the online has been really fun and addictive. I have about 16 hours in already!

otherZinc1893d ago

A "Letdown"?:

That podcast without Ed on it was a letdown.

A letdown is the PS4 & SONY talking all this *hit about being "50%" more powerful than XBOX ONE and not having 1 game to show for it: with both 1080p "native" @ 60fps in the same game!If PS4 is that powerful, show us, don't tell us.

PSN, is the letdown, they give Sams Club Sales and have terrible online structure. Then devs put both games on their garbage network so XBOX Live suffers as well.

GTA, isn't the letdown.

rbailey1893d ago

The Character creation options are very limited and the women look like men. Aside from that its okay at best but definitely not the big deal Rockstar made it out to be.

crimsonfox1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I have to disagree with you sir (or mam). Although I do agree on the character creation bit,I have really been enjoying the online portion of GTA very much. But I will admit it is a lot more enjoyable playing with friends. Going on liquor store "crawls" (trying to hit as many back to back with out getting taken out by the po-po) has caused for some hilarious moments with my friends and I. Just driving around and getting into shit with other crews has been a blast.Not even mentioning missions. If you haven't played with friends give it another shot it's great fun.

JeffGUNZ1893d ago

Agree with Crimson. It's amazing with friends, we all just laugh our asses off doing the most ridiculous things. It's the only game where I can play with my buddy, he can fly me real high, i jumped out and while I'm heading to the ground he runs into me with the helicopter to kill me. Classic.

JeffGUNZ1893d ago

I think it's cool but will keep getting better when it's up and running and new content gets poured in. It will evolve, so I don't expect it to be perfect yet, but over time it will be amazing.

solidworm1893d ago

Itl be forgotten once the next gen hits

hankmoody1893d ago

I can't possibly imagine that any one who enjoys playing the single player campaign of GTA games in general would frown upon GTA Online, ESPECIALLY when you're playing it with friends. The Crooked Cop missions alone are worth the experience.