Countdown to PS4 and Xbox One Launch

These are the days of anticipation, the time to countdown; when gamers all over the world start doggedly checking the days on their calendar until we get our hands on a next-gen console. This next-gen launch has been way overdue. The Xbox 360 is going on 8 years and the PS3 is going on 7. The length of time between generations has left gamers more anxious than previous transitions. If you’re one of the lucky gamers getting a next-gen console at launch, you might want to make sure you’re ready.

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chrissx1889d ago

I've been counting down since february 20. Time to go to the next level. Very soon! :3

urwifeminder1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Not even sure about release dates but my money is down next month sometime 22nd is it ? will worry about it next month the pc has just had me too busy to care yet.

jaykayway1889d ago

Can't wait although we have to, it's been a hard decision but I'm going with Xbox, if I could afford both I would get the ps4 too. I think in a year's time both will run 1080p 60fps with every game so it's only going to get better people :-)