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BNR: Anyone who has had an occasional glance at my blog since its inception will know that it is fairly platformer-heavy. I do have a soft spot for good platformers and even the odd bad platformer, though they are not the only type of games that I enjoy. RPG, adventure and action are also some of the genres I can really sit down and sink my teeth into. It is very rare that a racing game comes along which really grabs me. Admittedly the ones that do are not often realistic racers; for example the Mario Kart series with all of its wacky antics is much more enjoyable to me than say, the Forza series with its attempts to emulate real racing as accurately as possible. I recently rebought Burnout 3 for PS2 because I had a crystal clear recollection of the laughs I had playing it with friends some years ago. I can happily say that it is every bit as good as I remember.

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barb_wire1895d ago

IMO, the best 'Burnout' of the series.. such a blast playing that one.

I hope for next gen, Criterion release another 'Burnout' like this one.

pyramidshead1895d ago

Agreed. Burnout 3: Takedown was pretty epic to be fair. Paradise just didn't quite cut it, the open world didn't quite work but was fine for what it was.

What I think they majorly messed up on was the crash mode. It was excellent in #3 and was good for multiplayer too. The ol' pass the pad down sort of multiplayer with it's set junctions and stuff. The bouncing the car along thing in Paradise was just a terrible idea, not sure why they went with that :/.

KingPin1895d ago

burnout 3: takedown.
man that game brings back memories.
i burnt out over 100+ hours in this game on the original xbox. man, for its time those graphics were awesome.

i would buy this game again if the only thing criterion did was update the graphics. the gameplay, music, engine sounds were perfect as is.