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ASTRO Gaming Announces Special A50 Battlefield 4 Edition Gaming Headsets

ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™ Edition is Most Technologically Advanced Gaming Headset Available Today; Features Unique Color and Graphics; Audio Profiles Created by DICE (Battlefield 4, Dice, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ftwrthtx  +   565d ago
These are pricey, but if you have the cheddar, they are worth it.
PsylentKiller  +   564d ago
They're worth it for the PS3 & PS4 because it's completely wireless. However, the wire connecting the headset to the controller for the 360 is somewhat annoying. The wire pops out sometimes. Now the mic wont work at all for the XB1 unless you buy an adapter. If we buy the adapter, will we get the same audio quality as if there was no adapter needed?

I hate using the Kinect as a mic. Maybe there will be a work around until an official adapter is released.
tenacious_b  +   564d ago
I have two sets of astro A50s, one for me n my fiance. $800 aint cheap but theyre worth it. Use them every day.
webeblazing  +   564d ago
see what I mean^^ lol
webeblazing  +   564d ago
pass I stick to my audio tech gaming headsets are ripoffs I wish console had audio and mic jacks built in you can get better sound with hifi headphones and a cheap mic
Dasteru  +   564d ago
you can get a cheap T-amp online for about $40 that hooks up to the audio outs on your tv.
Akuma2K  +   564d ago
I'll stick with my Turtle Beach PX21 gaming headset that I've had for 2 1/2 years now, it's compatible with the PS4 and so there's no need to worry about spending any extra money......I'm all set for BF4.
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SpitFireAce85  +   564d ago
My px21 broke on me a few weeks ago can't hear anything through them.
But the chat works.
KONAAs  +   564d ago
haha i got insurance on my A50 with best buy retun no exception aslong as they arent broken like the frame, i guess ima return them and get the special eddition for free
Dasteru  +   564d ago
Gaming headsets are all overpriced garbage, just get a pair of Sennheiser HD598s and a modmic, you will thank me later.
SlapHappyJesus  +   564d ago
I have the A50's.
Fantastic pair of headphones if you are willing to drop the cash.
Zeal0t  +   564d ago
I'm about to buy a new headset but i can't decide which one to buy. My candidates are Astro A40 2013, Astro A50, Turtle Beach XP510 and Turtle Beach XPSeven... Tough decision -.-

I'm a very competitive player but i also love to play single and coop game
AiirJordann23  +   564d ago
A50 if you competitive like you say u are you here everything with the a50
KONAAs  +   563d ago
astros turtle beach uses 2.14 transmitter gives u allot of interference, astros use 5.4
iiwii  +   564d ago
I'll just stick with my Sony 7.1 wireless headset. It has really good sound for under $100
AiirJordann23  +   564d ago
I have the astro a50 best headset ever I just hate how sometimes the orange light won't go off,.but other than that these things are worth it, especially if you're watching a movie on the computer and it's noisy I just put these a50's on. It's worth it if u want to spend 3 bills on it plus taxs cause I got mine from game stop

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