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Submitted by DiRtY 852d ago | opinion piece

Madden 25’s CoachGlass app is an Xbox One game changer

With millions of sports gamers debating the differences between the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, EA Sports is teaming with Microsoft to offer an exclusive second screen app called CoachGlass that should send Madden fans making a mad dash toward the One. (Madden 25, Xbox One)

DiRtY  +   853d ago
It seems like the NFL fans just have to pick up the Xbox One. The NFL deal and the Madden features might be pretty big.
HugoDrax  +   852d ago
Microsoft has been using the NFL to market XBOX since the X360. I remember when a worker for the Dallas Cowboys posted a video online of himself playing his X360 on the giant TV inside Cowboys stadium lol.

Link below:

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DiRtY  +   852d ago
Sure they had ads during NFL games every now and then, but this is something totally different.

And the worker-stuff is not even PR.
HugoDrax  +   852d ago

Here's some Microsoft PR for you. Take a look at their uniforms, sometimes it reads XBOX, XBOX 360, and against one franchise last week it read XBOX ONE.

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3-4-5  +   852d ago
That is cool they are trying to sell them on football, but by the time this releases (Nov.22nd), the NFL season will already be into it's 12th week. More than half way through.
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kewlkat007  +   852d ago
That is correct, nevertheless, people don't stop playing Madden after the Superbowl is aired.

Do you really think this will be only Football deal?

We also have the NBA,NHL and other Sports gearing up..all it will take is a MS representative and a deal to make it happen for the other sports.

Just the beginning.
kewlkat007  +   852d ago
"Sony Damages Future PS4 Sales By Downplaying PlayStation Eye"

I'm afraid you might be I have to wait for Yahoo and ESPN fantasy football integration though..

The Xbox One as a "package" is a better deal for me to get first.
patsrule316  +   852d ago
I am going PS4, but I have to give XB1 that it is a notch in their favor. I would have loved to had this on Madden and let my son try it out, but I'll have to live without it. PS4 will have its own fair share of things like this on other games. But kuddos on a cool feature for Madden.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   852d ago
this absolutely will not affect my purchase.

altho i could see this being a big deal to someone who only plays sports titles
Edward75  +   852d ago
Having both systems allows you to get the best version of the multiplatformed gamed! Why don't people see that! Looks like Madden will surely have an edge on the xbone.
thekhurg  +   852d ago
"Having both systems allows you to get the best version of the multiplatformed game! Why don't people see that!"

Because some people don't want to support something just because the console manufacturer paid money to have exclusive features?

Or perhaps because some people don't want to buy both consoles?

Perhaps some people hate Sony?

Perhaps some people hate Microsoft?
Edward75  +   852d ago
Those people blinded by hate then.... Just miss out on the BETTER version for whichever system. Sucks to be them.
GmIsOnPt360  +   852d ago
Yeh i think the NFL partnership with MS will help out the sports fans tremendously, thankfully ALOT of sports fans are gamers!
HugoDrax  +   852d ago
Just like ALOT of NFL players are gamers, and guess what? They will play Madden on XB1 because of this feature. How do I know this you might say? I have 3 friends on my friend lists who are NFL players, I would put their gamertag out there but I'm not sure they would appreciate that lol. Anyhow they only play sports games, and Call of Duty hahaha. I guess they don't really have time for much else.
Kevin26385  +   852d ago
According to Kolbe Launchbaugh (Madden NFL Creative Director, Former Design Manager for MLB The Show) the PS4 will receive CoachGlass in the future.

Here is what he said on Twitter:
"We’re very interested in expanding CoachGlass to the PS4 in the future."


It sounds like Microsoft may have a deal for Madden NFL 25 and the next Madden that comes out in August of 2014 will have CoachGlass for Xbox One and PS4.
Trekster_Gamer  +   852d ago
yes let's wait for the future in the hopes that the ps4 might support what the Xbox one supports right now.. Playing catch up before the console even launches... Hilarious!
Kevin26385  +   852d ago
At least the PS4 will eventually be receiving the technology. Better than nothing, especially since many believed that CoachGlass would be exclusive to Xbox One.
LaidBakLazyHippo  +   852d ago
I find these companion apps really gimmicky, even the gta 5 app. Idk about you but I like my games on consoles and not have to download apps to improve features of a game. But then again I don't like to constantly be on my phone.
dmeador  +   852d ago
Just because its a feature you dont use, doesn't mean its a "gimmick". Seems many people use that interchangeably. Taking advantage of new tech is a great way to immerse people more into the game.

This is something you couldn't do without it. I probably wont by Madden (they need to fix things that have been there forever before they get my money) , but it’s a really cool idea
titans9999  +   852d ago
Meh, it would have been better to use this feature to draw and create your own type of plays! I miss that feature back in Madden 2007!!!!!
Trekster_Gamer  +   852d ago
I don't do sports games but this is just another awesome reason to own the Xbox One!!
mhunterjr  +   852d ago
This is a pretty big deal. The main reason I haven't purchased madden since 2005 on on the original Xbox is because defense was always left out of the improvements. Finally their addressing that situation.
gedden7  +   852d ago
Game changer???? NO NOOOO IT IS NOT... STFU
thrust  +   852d ago
Looks like ms are going where they know alot of buyers are!

sports eu free fifa 14 and now now this in usa!

plus cod gamers.

that's a big player base just of them 3 things
gedden7  +   852d ago
WTF are you talking about???

CoachGlass app is an Xbox One game changer..

Umm No TF its not! What planet are you on right now...

Another STUPID misinformed gamer that wants to buy a xbone, go figure...
thrust  +   852d ago
Read my post :)

am getting the xbox one yes i think xbox live is great and only getting better that's why am getting it :)

am not misinformed at all but your nuts!
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