Circuit City to offer free $10 gift card with GTA IV

An upcoming Circuit City circular for the week of Grand Theft Auto IV's release (April 27 through May 3) features plenty of deals for gamers.

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Palodios3504d ago

I don't know if you noticed, but GTA is pretty big news. Mentioning the place with the best deal on it sounds like something gamers would want to hear about.

SUP3R3504d ago

I agree.
If someone comes up with a better deal for my $60 I'm cancelling my Gamestop pre-order.
I'm just waiting for the free 36x24 GTAIV poster offer. That'll pull me over more than anything.

lhgster3504d ago

you get that poster if you go to BEST BUY and pre order it. yup!!! they will give it to you on the spot.

Scenarist3504d ago

i got my preorder at circuit city cuz thats where i work...but i also got 1 at gamestop for the midnight release i willl get both F it for ps3 cuz i gotta have the midnight...annndd i want free 10 dolars so i prolly will return the circuit city one at gamestop later

what can i say im poor

Jim Crowslaw3504d ago

why would u preorder at CC if u wrk there? i wrk there to but i got mine preorder frm Gamestop for the ps3 and hav my gf buyin it for me for the 360. Initially i was just goin to buy it frm CC but after seeing how bad their inventory is i gotta say im dissatisfied. (they didnt get DMC4 til abuot middle March)

marichuu3504d ago

I'm fine with my £27 preorder ;> with free shipping.

marichuu3504d ago

Someone actually disagreed with me being fine with my preorder?
Jesus :P

Crazyglues3504d ago

I would need just a little bit more then just that $10 dollar gift card. Now an exclusive Poster 27x39 would have been too hard to pass up.

I would have canceled my pre-order and got it from there.

SUP3R3504d ago

I just searched on google for free GTAIV poster and found it over at Best Buy.


Ok so you don't get it on the release date and you have to order it from the website.
I think I'll wait til' mid-week and see what else pops up.
I would prefer to have the poster at the same time I get the game not on a backorder.

Crazyglues3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Dam that poster is really tempting.. I don't know now.. wow, Nice find...

I think your right though I might have to wait mid week and see what else pops up...

just because; me too, I would prefer to have the poster at the same time I get the game not on a backorder.

The one they have is ok but I think they could have made some others to choose from like maybe one like this... below

vagina3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

and for those smarter people that want the 360 version and poster go here:

Crazyglues3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

-for those smarter people that want the 360 version... LOL

I'm sure both version will be cool and have their shining points.

I just wish they would have let the PS3 people play against the Xbox 360 people online... that would have been too much fun. (xbox 360 users would have a little green x next to their name and PS3 a little red PS3)

So that way we could battle to the death. ...that would have been priceless

SUP3R3504d ago

Couldn't you have left out the 'fanisism' and simply stated "those looking for the 360 version check here"?

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Crazyglues3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Oh look what I found Rockstar has a real poster for 15 bucks...
pretty cool but I need 27x39 that's the size of my ikea poster frame.

what I think I'll do is see if I can get my friend to print me a big size since he has access to a huge photo printer.

SUP3R3504d ago

Yeah I saw that one, but the style isn't what I'm looking for.
Hopefully I can get that Best Buy poster or another after the games goes mainstream.

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