Amazon UK Gives Early PS4 Pre-Orderers the Chance to Upgrade to a Bundle

If you were one of the first people to pre-order a PS4 on Amazon in the UK, it meant that you were guaranteed a launch day console, but it also meant that you missed out on all the discounted bundles that came later.

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BG115791893d ago

Oh, that's so awesome from Amazon UK!

vigilante_man1893d ago offered me the chance to upgrade over a week ago. They confirmed my order for Day One and also offered me bundles for Day One as well.

Thank you ShopTo.

Remember Amazon this week put up the price of the PS4 to over £400 until another retailer got slammed for doing it. They then changed the price back the following day. So, not so good Amazon!

evilbart1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Yep got the email yeasterday upgraded to the killzone + 2 controllers + camera bundle for £449. All though I will say this works out at about €530 so €30 dearer than the exact same bundle as the rest of Europe but still a great deal.

gaelic_laoch1893d ago

I ordered a PS4 on (Gamestop Ireland) Online in Mid June. They are not allowing online customers to upgrade to a bundle only store customers. They said to a fellow customer this is SONY's policy not theirs, I say BS!

As you can imagine I am an extremely angry little Laoch!

SniperControl1893d ago

Dude, cancel your PS4 and get the X1 instead, bloody Sony!!!

(Alot of sarcasm added)

gaelic_laoch1893d ago

It crossed my mind briefly then I said to myself "I don't swing that way, I am only attracted to the PS4, I am normal and it is ok to think these thoughts"

Phew good to get that out!

vigilante_man1893d ago

Maybe you swing both ways....

Elimin81893d ago

Loach! You know you're a pendulum. Sht Up. lol... I tease.. Bubbles BTW for having my fav actor as your avatar!

evilbart1893d ago

I guess someone disagreed with the exchange rates

SniperControl1893d ago

Got a call from Game a few weeks ago, got my KZ bundle with extra controller and PS Eye for £450.
Even better as Sony just announced the the DS4 will work on PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.