Thunderbolt: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Thunderbolt writes: "Condemned 2: Bloodshot is a complete mess in almost every area. If it's not the level design it's the story, if not the story it's the characters. Though not in the conventional sense is it a mess, but in the experience Bloodshot weaves for the player.

The original Condemned was a gruesome masterpiece, a visceral horror game with an intriguing storyline and some likeable characters. Its success with scares was exceptional - especially towards the end, as the atmosphere got increasingly terrifying. What Condemned: Criminal Origins did right was create an unsettling atmosphere that never felt safe, and it never let you down. While many a time nothing would happen as you reluctantly walked through the levels, the sound design and visual mind games made it so you were constantly on edge. Your heart would thump, your hands would sweat, and it was brilliant. Unfortunately Condemned 2: Bloodshot rarely brings out this terrifying atmosphere, instead relying on more action orientated-fare. Depending on how you like your horror games (or games in general), Bloodshot could either be a triumphant winner or a slight disappointment."

-Visually impressive
-Satisfyingly brutal combat
-Extremely action-packed
-Inspired level design

-More action orientated gameplay means much less suspense and scares
-Characters and story not as impressive or developed as the previous game
-Multiplayer is flawed and essentially unnecessary

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