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Xbox One 'Has More Security' On Multiplayer Games

Microsoft's Major Nelson says the company has learned from its experience with Xbox 360 multiplayer games. (Xbox One)

Lukas_Japonicus   696d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
iamnsuperman  +   696d ago
Well it is good they will have "more security" on their One games than 360 games but I don't really know what that means. Was hacking online games such a problem? I didn't think it was. Apart from the Call of Duty issue I didn't see it as much of a problem (that is more CODs end than Microsoft's fault)
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Drewidian  +   696d ago | Funny
Ask Sony if Security is important.
jmc8888  +   696d ago
That's not what they're talking about.
thechosenone  +   696d ago
'High-profile' Microsoft employees victims of Xbox Live hacks
SilentNegotiator  +   696d ago
thechosenone beat me to it.

Microsoft had their own issues with security. Everyone said that it was just people falling for scam sites, but once Major Nelson and other employees got hacked (and also Pachter and others), it was pretty clear that this wasn't the case.

And like jmc8888 said, they were talking about themselves, not competition.
UltimateMaster  +   695d ago
They mean hackers/cheaters online that can't be killed.
nukeitall  +   695d ago
Sony: Nope! We still got unpatched software running months old versions. Nobody would hack us, we are Sony!

The angry mob will attack anyone that does Sony harm, and they will always buy our product!
Pogmathoin  +   696d ago
Wow, that Lukas is bitter... of course he is going to say those things, hes behind it... you expect Toyota CEO to tell you to buy a Honda? Man your stupid...
Elit3Nick  +   696d ago
I think you commented in the wrong place :P
Pogmathoin  +   696d ago
I know, but cannot do it in a closed thread... who will see it??? :)
PimpDaddy  +   696d ago
Getting your password phished and having an entire online service hacked/shut down are 2 different things entirely. I swear some of you fanboys reach way to hard...
P0werVR  +   695d ago
Hey that was a nightmare for Sony...
Mystogan  +   696d ago
There were a few hacks. Like quick switch or something like that, I don't remember what's it called. It involves disconnecting and quickly connecting again. Which allows you to make the game lag and shoot people. There was even a special tool for it.
GraveLord  +   696d ago
Hacking is a huge issue on 360. People hack your account, steal your balance and buy some FIFA crap........
iamnsuperman  +   696d ago
That isn't what they are talking about though when you read the original question

"Since Microsoft has a matchmaking system in place for Devs, Will we see more security on multiplayer games?"
mhunterjr  +   695d ago
That's not really hacking... It's social engineering, it's a problem with any acount (banking, credit etc) but has more to do with customer service than technical insecurities.
nukeitall  +   695d ago

Of course MS isn't going to detail them their latest security enhancements. That is like asking if Sony would release their DRM scheme technology to the public to scrutinize?

Of course not!

In my opinion, that is a stupid question. MS nor Sony will comment much on their new security.
NexGen  +   696d ago
Straws. They are being grasped at.
360GamerFG  +   696d ago
Sense, you aren't making any.
ALLWRONG  +   695d ago
+1 :D
thetorontokid  +   696d ago
Hahahahaaaa rofl
CrossingEden  +   696d ago
Um, there is nothing to laugh at, how is this not a positive thing? -_- Seriously, get over yourself.
thetorontokid  +   696d ago
At this point all one can do, is laugh at these articles!
vitullo31  +   696d ago
Pogmathoin  +   696d ago
Damn Patrick Roy!!!
4Sh0w  +   696d ago
Laugh all you want xbl is more secure and reliable than psn.
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sobotz  +   696d ago
At this point all one can do, is laugh at you!
Pogmathoin  +   695d ago
Sad thing is, you'll get all the agrees for being nothing more than a smart ass... truth means nothing here... PS4 could be Hitler and you fanboys will still drool over it...
thetorontokid  +   694d ago
That's fine! Thing is, it's all talk at this point, Microsoft doesn't know how secure the ps4, is going to be. It's a new platform! I have all threeccurrent gen systems, and there there all good. The slim xbox360 is a great machine. Doesn't mean I can't call Microsoft out when say stupid st***
strigoi814  +   696d ago
holding on one straw keep pinching that middle part...almost there
iceman600  +   696d ago
"Xbox One 'Has More Security' On Multiplayer Games"

oh thats why call of duty is run by hackers.....never knew that
KwietStorm  +   696d ago
You played Ghosts on Xbox One?
jmc8888  +   696d ago
Why do people ask Major Nelson anything? You get more from a 15 year old sale associate at some big box retailer.

Earth to people, Major Nelson is a moron.

Microsoft puts him out there, and somehow he doesn't learn what he's supposed to tell us. In the end, he barely reveals anything.

'more security in multiplayer games'....Jesus...it sounds like someone's parents who don't play video games talking about the subject.
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badkolo  +   696d ago
and your a genius??
christocolus  +   696d ago
if he is a moron then you must be a spoilt brat...atleast have some respect dude..what have these sony or ms execs ever done to you..why you guys take your fanboyism too seriously even going over the edge is beyond me...now you call someone doing his job a moron cos you dont like what he has to say...smh...next time do try to post reasonable comments without insulting these guys..he was asked about security on xbx live and i saw nothing wrong in the way he answered the question..if you were in his shoes who knows you might have done a lot worse..besides being a microsoft employee,the guy is also a family man and a gamer..i listen to his podcasts and watch his interviews..so dude have some respect...
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Hicken  +   696d ago
While I agree that calling him a moron is going a bit far, there's absolutely ZERO reason to GIVE respect. That should be earned, don't you think?

And, frankly, Microsoft's PR people have kinda made a mess of that, so it's no surprise if no respect is had for them right now.
Volkama  +   695d ago
Respect should be your default position. If you can't manage that common courtesy you are probably doing life wrong.
Hicken  +   695d ago
Respect for living things, perhaps. There is that default.

In general, I extend a certain minimum level of courtesy to everybody; whether I have respect for you is something separate, entirely.

So I don't need a default position, thanks.
UnHoly_One  +   696d ago
What else is he supposed to say?

Give us a detailed rundown of every little thing and how it works?

You know, because that wouldn't help people exploit it or anything... /sarcasm

He just says "more security" because that is all the average person needs to know. We don't need to know HOW it works, we just need to know it is there.

Get over yourself.
aawells07  +   695d ago
You've got a lot of growing up to do kid.
obelix01  +   696d ago
The quality of Xbox live is one reason I'm buying a Xbox one. Xbox live has never been hacked the way PSN was a couple years back when its users were unable to use PSN.
TheGreyWarrior  +   696d ago
I'm sure you like many others missed this http://www.maxconsole.com/m... Seriously, nothing is safe in the Internet.
Gamer666  +   695d ago
I am sure that EVERY network has been hacked to some point or another... Using the methods described in the link you sent, you would be caught very quickly. And frankly that is an ex-employee using MS' private network. No hacker with any morales would ever hack something using that "whimpy" way. Hackers pride themselves in taking advantage of real exploits that anyone can access.

There is one very clear fact... PSN was completely hacked down, and the network was out for three weeks while sony finally woke up and took security seriously.
Kujii  +   696d ago
I see your "Hacked PSN". And raise you "RROD" :)
christocolus  +   695d ago
i never knew the rrod and ylod where caused by online security hacks..
ALLWRONG  +   695d ago
YLOD and Sony bricking PS3 consoles with updates 3 times a year since release.

Live = hack free while PSN got brought down by a spoiled teenager.
Kujii  +   695d ago
geez this place is serious. I was just having fun with issues on both consoles.

I see your "RROD". And raise you "Crab hand DS3 Controller"

see how it works?
TechMech2  +   695d ago
PS network crash is one of the main reasons I'm not buying a ps4. My ps3 network went down and I had no multiplayer for weeks. Xbox live is at least more reliable and faster.
saber00005  +   696d ago
Right after they announced they will be using the Kinect's video feed data and give it to advertisers. Something doesn't add up here.

Won't be shocked if this gets downvoted by xbox fans lol.
SoulSercher620  +   696d ago
That does not mean it's invincible. Anything is susceptible to hacking. Just because it doesn't happen on Xbox Live doesn't necessarily make it the best.
DomceM  +   695d ago
microsoft talks about security lmfao.

steambox is where the security will be. Linux based.
ALLWRONG  +   695d ago
Nothing gets hacked more than Windows, iOS, and Lynux.

Try again
Funantic1  +   695d ago
Yeah Sony got hacked and brought down a month but my biggest issue was that they didn't tell people for a week. Anybody can get hacked. I'm still buying a PS4 and hope they got their shit together.
bassambient   695d ago | Trolling | show
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   695d ago
trololololo level MS

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