Xbox One 'Has More Security' On Multiplayer Games

Microsoft's Major Nelson says the company has learned from its experience with Xbox 360 multiplayer games.

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GarrusVakarian964d ago TrollingShowReplies(3)
iamnsuperman964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Well it is good they will have "more security" on their One games than 360 games but I don't really know what that means. Was hacking online games such a problem? I didn't think it was. Apart from the Call of Duty issue I didn't see it as much of a problem (that is more CODs end than Microsoft's fault)

Drewidian964d ago

Ask Sony if Security is important.

jmc8888964d ago

That's not what they're talking about.

thechosenone964d ago

'High-profile' Microsoft employees victims of Xbox Live hacks

SilentNegotiator964d ago

thechosenone beat me to it.

Microsoft had their own issues with security. Everyone said that it was just people falling for scam sites, but once Major Nelson and other employees got hacked (and also Pachter and others), it was pretty clear that this wasn't the case.

And like jmc8888 said, they were talking about themselves, not competition.

UltimateMaster964d ago

They mean hackers/cheaters online that can't be killed.

nukeitall963d ago

Sony: Nope! We still got unpatched software running months old versions. Nobody would hack us, we are Sony!

The angry mob will attack anyone that does Sony harm, and they will always buy our product!

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Pogmathoin964d ago

Wow, that Lukas is bitter... of course he is going to say those things, hes behind it... you expect Toyota CEO to tell you to buy a Honda? Man your stupid...

Elit3Nick964d ago

I think you commented in the wrong place :P

Pogmathoin964d ago

I know, but cannot do it in a closed thread... who will see it??? :)

PimpDaddy964d ago

Getting your password phished and having an entire online service hacked/shut down are 2 different things entirely. I swear some of you fanboys reach way to hard...

P0werVR964d ago

Hey that was a nightmare for Sony...

Mystogan964d ago

There were a few hacks. Like quick switch or something like that, I don't remember what's it called. It involves disconnecting and quickly connecting again. Which allows you to make the game lag and shoot people. There was even a special tool for it.

GraveLord964d ago

Hacking is a huge issue on 360. People hack your account, steal your balance and buy some FIFA crap........

iamnsuperman964d ago

That isn't what they are talking about though when you read the original question

"Since Microsoft has a matchmaking system in place for Devs, Will we see more security on multiplayer games?"

mhunterjr963d ago

That's not really hacking... It's social engineering, it's a problem with any acount (banking, credit etc) but has more to do with customer service than technical insecurities.

nukeitall963d ago


Of course MS isn't going to detail them their latest security enhancements. That is like asking if Sony would release their DRM scheme technology to the public to scrutinize?

Of course not!

In my opinion, that is a stupid question. MS nor Sony will comment much on their new security.

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NexGen964d ago

Straws. They are being grasped at.

CrossingEden964d ago

Um, there is nothing to laugh at, how is this not a positive thing? -_- Seriously, get over yourself.

thetorontokid964d ago

At this point all one can do, is laugh at these articles!

4Sh0w964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Laugh all you want xbl is more secure and reliable than psn.

sobotz964d ago

At this point all one can do, is laugh at you!

Pogmathoin964d ago

Sad thing is, you'll get all the agrees for being nothing more than a smart ass... truth means nothing here... PS4 could be Hitler and you fanboys will still drool over it...

thetorontokid962d ago

That's fine! Thing is, it's all talk at this point, Microsoft doesn't know how secure the ps4, is going to be. It's a new platform! I have all threeccurrent gen systems, and there there all good. The slim xbox360 is a great machine. Doesn't mean I can't call Microsoft out when say stupid st***

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