Media Create software sales (9/30 – 10/6)

Media Create published the latest Japanese game software sales from Japan.

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AsimLeonheart1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

MH4 still dominating the charts. Sen no kiseki still up in the charts after a big drop in second week. Wind Waker HD dropped 79% to just 6210 units sold with total sales of just 36,474 as it fell to the 10th spot. Time and time again it is proven that sales always drop in the second week. Yet fans cling on to hope that it will somehow pick up when the title will get a full week of sale in the second week.

Neonridr1890d ago

I am curious to see how it sold this week in the US market. Japanese aren't huge fans of Zelda surprisingly.

LOL_WUT1890d ago

I'd hope it does better but i'm not keeping my hopes up Nintendo needs more than just remakes to turn the Wii U around. Hopefully the price drop bumped up the sales. ;)

Knushwood Butt1890d ago

What's worse for Nintendo is that Wind Walker did almost nothing to drive hardware sales. On the week that it was launched, Wii hardware sales rose 4%.

Neonridr1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

we don't know what it did for the NA audience. Won't know that until after this weekend since it just released in physical form last Friday.

Also, digital sales unfortunately are not accounted for in these, I wish they would start reporting on digital sales, there must be a way to track all that. Zelda has been available for download since Sept 20th in the NA markets, so I guarantee there were some people who didn't want to wait for the physical release.

GrandpaSnake1890d ago

Armored core is so cool, not in NA though lol

B_Rian891889d ago

it baffles me that Sony let Monster Hunter go.