TeamXbox: Iron Man Demo Impressions

Every now and then, a movie game comes along that, at the very least, shows some promise. Not surprisingly, most of the potentially decent movie games are based off of comic book IPs. Even less surprising is that the better ones are pulled from Marvel's cache of amazing superheroes. Sega's and Secret Level's Iron Man already looks like a movie game with some legs-big metal-y ones.

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hades073893d ago

The demo was surprisingly good, controls did take some getting used too but the demo was alot more fun the second time. Game is not going to sell though coming out around the same time as GTA IV.

SpaceCowgirl3893d ago

My love for Iron man will allow me to enjoy this game like any blind fangirl obsessed with Iron Man comics should.

Manan3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

I wonder if this game is a rehash of the play mechanics of Zone of the Enders.

TheZippo3893d ago

Zone of Enders reminded me of Virtua On. This game reminds me of it also.

I thought it was fun, but may get a bit repeatitive.

Silver3603893d ago

Game demo makes the game look like a 6.5. Hope the demo is not really what the gameplay is like.

gnothe13893d ago

silver the flying is fine, just go into the options an change the flying inverted option, thats what I did an the flying is great now!! the hovering is pressure sensitive, I guess they did that so you wont get lazy on the controls. but this is definitely one of the best movie to game tie ins there is. I dont think the game is GREAT but definitly not bad!!

Hatchetforce3893d ago

Flying in the game is fine. It took me one play through to realize the stick is just very sensitive. As soon as you learn to touch it less the better you will fly.

I didn't care for the 9 minute limit, but I had no issue flying up and grabbing helos and even taking out the Osprey in flight. My favorite was jamming on the throttle and slammming into gun towers.

Also it will be interesting to see how the controls handle on other platforms.

Chubear3893d ago

With the way you guys are talking about it, it sounds similar to the issues some were having with Lair's flight mechanics which you just needed some practice but was made to seem more difficult cause it was Motion sensing instead of analog sticks,

I'm thinking flyin with the 6a6 will be an OPTION in the PS3 version and that I like cause the 6a6 has opened up a very interesting way for me to play flight based games or gameplay. Sounds like it's an ok game.

v1c1ous3893d ago

it's not one of the worst movie games.

it's sorta decent. clunky and awkward, but worth a look over. certainly better than the average movie game tripe.

however, i don't think, from the demo, it's worth $50+. i would get it in a bargain bin....or rent it.

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The story is too old to be commented.