GTA Online Update - To Live and Die in Los Santos

GT- "We've laughed and now we've cried having lost our character. After all that, what did we take away from the experience?"

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hankmoody1894d ago

I was on that until 2am last night with my fellow crew members. Time has a way of flying when you're playing it, that's for sure.

GarrusVakarian1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

It sure does, im having a break at the moment because its taking over my life. I woke up today and put the game on straight away and din't come off it for at least 5 hours.

I haven't woken up and put a videogame on straight away in a long time.


Haha, yeah especially when you use the Weazel News filter for the camera.

hankmoody1894d ago

It's so good that I actually don't mind spectating when I'm dead and there's no more team lives left. It's like watching the friggin' news!

xHeavYx1894d ago

I agree, this thing takes a lot of your personal time, but it's a lot of fun. Too bad it's hard to find dedicated buddies

HexxedAvenger1894d ago

Most fun on with a friend doing random things ever!

evilbart1894d ago

Only thing that annoys me is the passive mode seems to be broken and all these 10 year olds running around killing me like its call of duty and losing my money all the time.

SITH1894d ago

I am not 10. I am 35.

evilbart1894d ago

Well acting like a 10 year old also qualifies

SITH1894d ago

And crying like bitch in a game called grand theft auto is disturbingly odd. Run faster next time light weight.

creeping judas1894d ago

As soon as you make money, use your phone, log onto the internet, find the log into Maze Bank, deposit all your money into the bank. And if it's in the bank, a ten year old douche can't pop a cap in your ass and steal your money. I even had someone send me a message saying "as if you didn't have any money on you glitcher!!", after he popped me and tried to take my money. The only time you need money physically on you is if you are entering a race of any sort. At least that is what I have found so far.

evilbart1894d ago

But I do bank my money after every mission but it still gets deducted from me?

Ashby_JC1894d ago

I myself just started using my cell to deposit winnings into my bank account. I havent lost any significant amount of money.

I love the dynamic it adds to the game. Being paranoid as a mofo until you get that money deposited lol.

Imagine if there was a way you could see a players wallet would be anarchy!!!

Swiggins1894d ago

You lose money because the game deducts a percentage of your money to pay for your hospital bills.

Basically, you lose money to respawn.

I actually think that if money is banked you shouldn't lose it when you die...even if you're holding the cash when somebody kills you, you'll only lose like an extra $100, the rest is medical bills.

Ashby_JC1894d ago

Im really liking the setup of this game.

Im hoping they make improvements and changes as time goes on so it wont get stale.

I went to a ATM to make a deposit (I use my cell now lol) and right when I was done...a DUDE blasted me!!! I guess he figured I didnt deposit my whole wallet...luckily I did that time.