Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Sequence 3 gameplay introduces the Jackdaw and its crew

lead script writer, Darby McDevitt walks VG247′s Sam Clay through the sequence in which as Edward Kenway, players finally set eyes on the Jackdaw for the first time.

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TheEnigma3131809d ago

Am I the only one who isn't excited this year for AC? The game looks beautiful, but I think I'm burned out.

GarrusVakarian1809d ago

The setting/theme is pretty much the only thing im looking forward to. Not expecting anything stellar from the SP, but id love to be surprised.

TheEnigma3131809d ago

Yeah I love the tropical setting of it. I will give it a shot after it has a nice price drop.

Kal8531809d ago

They didn't show a single picture of the ship. If you want to introduce something it's usually helpful show what you're talking about.

Visualift1809d ago

The gameplay looks amazing... the cutscenes look current-gen though. Still buying day one!

ZBlacktt1809d ago

Don't be fooled by a Youtube video. Wait until you see it on your own high end TV.

JackISbacK1809d ago

yeh we know that ,thogh it looks like you are a great fan of ac and im too,buddy but it looks like you are a ps4 guy im realy confused what to buy can you please help ,im not getting one reason to buy ps4 but having more than 5 reasons to buy xbox please

JackISbacK1809d ago

but those looks best ac graphics yeat and looks breath taking and it is havig a better looking evironment then the last of us .

Visualift1809d ago

Don't get me wrong. I'm definitely looking forward to it... just expected slightly better looking cutscenes.