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A John Lewis Christmas has no room for a Sony PS4

The Inquirer: ''John Lewis has published its top ten list of expected big selling gifts for the coming holiday season, but it does not include the Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) games console.

John Lewis' top ten list does make room for the Microsoft Xbox One games console, but does not list its Japanese rival.'' (PS4)

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claudionmc  +   691d ago | Well said
"The Xbox One is the biggest launch this year, not just in gaming, but for the entire entertainment category,"

"With launch titles such as Forza Motorsport 5 and a new Halo on the horizon..." stop reading
Destrania  +   691d ago | Well said
You should have stopped right at 'Xbox One'
rdgneoz3  +   691d ago
Maybe they'll (John Lewis) have their ads on the dashboard "if you let them"...
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Diver  +   691d ago
I have no room in my common sense gaming life for John Lewis.
GamerzElite  +   691d ago | Well said
Who is John Lewis? and Why should I read his wishlist?
AlexanderNevermind  +   691d ago
I'm still scratching my head on this one as well...
malokevi  +   691d ago
Oh, you know, only THE John Lewis.

*puzzled look*
Cryptcuzz  +   690d ago
Never heard of this guy like ever.

The question should be, who or WHAT is John Lewis for not having the PS4 on his or its wish list?

Breaking news! Hunny Boo Boo's wish list is out and it does not include the Xbox One, but does include the PS4!

Head = Blown.
DOMination-  +   690d ago
John Lewis is a very big department store brand in the uk.
Mr Pumblechook  +   691d ago
What people forget is that Microsoft pays retailers big money to be the sole mentioned item in retailers' Christmas catalogues.

Toys R Us. The Amazon.com promotion where Xbox One was advertised on the front of the website. John Lewis and many more.
DeadManIV  +   691d ago
Exactly MS is M$ after all
falviousuk  +   691d ago
And Sony is $ony after all

Both companies have an advertising strategy, but hey itsbthe Xbox so let's piss on it. If it was the other way around it would be all smiles and everything would be fine.

The hypocritical nature of the Sony fanboy
monkey602  +   691d ago
Falviousuk. Normaly i would tell them to take off the tin foil hat only for the fact i genuinely got a memo from my head office telling us to push microsoft over all else because they are breathing down our necks about the poor presales leading into quarter 4. I have a picture of it to show but my phine wont let me attach the image on here so ill post it up later from another machine
RIP_Weazel  +   691d ago
...and the sad and lonely nature of the Microsoft apologist.
monkey602  +   690d ago
As promised here is one of the images. I couldn't post it earlier I was in work with only my phone. I have more details too but they have information I'm just not willing to post online. Had to cover a few things on this as it is
Ugh I can't use image hosting
[IMG] http://i42.tinypic.com/nl4l...
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sweendog  +   690d ago
It could be that they have sold out of pre orders for the PS4 and realise they will still have a shed load of xbones. Why advertise PS4 when they are all sold out. My local Asda has stopped advertising PS4 pre orders on the shelves. I asked why and they said all stock coming in is pre ordered/sold out. Whenever they get more in they have a list of people on waiting lists
monkey602  +   690d ago
This includes current gen consoles though. So were arent just talking ps4 and xboxone
sweendog  +   690d ago

Yeah after looking at your pic again (you poster it upside down by the way) it does say microsoft consoles. Thats crazy
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monkey602  +   690d ago
Yeah I don't know how that happened. It shows up right way round on my gallery and image upload. Like I said I'm useless at the image uploading
3-4-5  +   691d ago
How can something be both "Launch" & "on the horizon" at the same time ?

XB1 is the safe thing for these people to say.

They are supporting big American business, and all the BS that comes along with it.

They understand it's new and it's Microsoft so they will push it because of connections.
isa_scout  +   690d ago
Yeah, it's like they're forgetting GTAV and Call of Duty release this year as well...If the Xbox One beats the PS4(not happening)I will be impressed. If it's bigger than GTAV and COD I'll quite literally shit myself.
Tsar4ever  +   690d ago
Who the fuck is john lewis and why should I give a rats ass whether or Not if he prefers an XB1 over the PS4? All Im paying mind is to that Im getting a PS4/XB1 or shopping for family.
doctorstrange  +   691d ago
Probably because they're charging more than the standard price for the PS4
vigilante_man  +   690d ago
What a slip up from John Lewis. The PS4 is going mental on a global scale. Still, let them advertise they way they see fit.

Microsoft have only just begun to open their bag of tricks. Expect things to get desperate and dirty...
Blackdeath_663  +   690d ago
honestly november can't come soon enough so we can put an end to this nonsense.
iamnsuperman  +   691d ago
It makes sense for John Lewis to do this. John Lewis has a certain demographic (due to what it sells and how much it sells for). The Xbox One has always been advertised as the living room machine (not necessarily a hardcore/dedicated console. We all know they both do multimedia and hardcore gaming but they are being advertised differently). Compare that with the high price and John Lewis demographic it makes sense to have it high on the list. Also the 360 sold more in the UK.

I don't agree with their reasoning but I can still see it
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strickers  +   690d ago
The John Lewis consumer is likely to be older and have money. Ie more like a PS3 consumer. 360 sold to youth in UK this gen
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Lovable  +   691d ago
In other news, Lovable will buy PS4 for Christmas. Yay.

Note: I am currently accepting interview, pm me for appointment time.
guitarded77  +   691d ago
Who is John Lewis?
My_precious  +   691d ago
yeah, just wonder too, who the fvck is that guy?
kayzeemoschino  +   691d ago
iamnsuperman  +   691d ago
Big, more upmarket, department store chain in the UK (google is your friend). You probably do not know Waitrose but it is on that same level of demographic (fairly expensive place to get stuff and it does have more upper market stuff compared to other department stores like Debenhams). I can't think of an America equivalent.

edit: @below Damn. That's embarrassing. :)
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guitarded77  +   691d ago
It was a rhetorical. Meant to devalue the opinion of one John Lewis.

Also, I really didn't know who he was. But I did Google before posting, and maintain the point of my previous comment.
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guitarded77  +   691d ago
I would compare him to Sam Walton (founder of Wal Mart).
tigertron  +   691d ago
I work for their biggest rival. :P

Though it would be pretty cool if my company started selling game consoles. A PS4 with staff discount would be sweeeeet.
DOMination-  +   690d ago
Btw waitrose is owned by John Lewis.
Mr_Skyfish  +   691d ago
I said the same thing in my head like who the hell is John Lewis?
GraveLord  +   691d ago
curtis92  +   691d ago
they forgot "this list sponsored by Xbox One"
Naga  +   691d ago
LOOK! Someone with a different opinion! GET HIM!
curtis92  +   691d ago
It's not that it's difference of opinion. It's the ignorance of it. The PS4 is dominating the xb1 in sales, not just around the world but even in the US. So to leave PS4 off a list that's specifically noting the 'big sellers', while showing Xb1 is baffling, to say the least.
Naga  +   691d ago
@ curtis92

I'm going to straddle the bias line here and say something objective: Nobody is beating anyone in sales yet... because the consoles are not out yet.

I've done the number crunching on VGChartz and confirmed that PS4 definitely has a marginal advantage in total software pre-orders. However, that actually doesn't say anything at all about hardware pre-orders. It could either mean that the system has incredible hardware demand, or just that it has an incredible software attach rate. Either of the two are completely reasonable conclusions.

So while we have some reliable data on the software of each upcoming console, we don't have much regarding the hardware itself. When it comes to hardware pre-orders... beyond internet hearsay and the vague-yet-bold claims of both Microsoft and Sony, we don't have any hard data to work with here. I could be totally wrong, and please give me a link if I am - I've actually been searching for the numbers to crunch alongside the VGChartz software data.

But until I see some form of actual data on hardware pre-orders, I'm going to hold off on calling people ignorant for predicting an XB1 Christmas.

Especially considering that pre-orders, even if we had the numbers, only tell a partial story. We still have to take into account supply chain availability (unknown), marketing (which MS has just kicked off in a big way), parent company sustainability (MS has much deeper pockets), and consumer reaction to the consoles once they hit the market. Not to mention, each console - whether people like to admit it or not - actually target slightly different demographics.

^^^ How all of that plays out remains to be seen. And it's completely reasonable, given all the variables, to pick a side that differs in opinion from the average N4G patron.

But forget what I said, let's crucify these guys for coming to a different conclusion.
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rainslacker  +   690d ago
I think you're reading too much into it onagao.

This is just like Toy's R' Us here in the US. To say the Xbox is highly anticipated and hardly give mention to PS4 is so obviously something that is paid for it's hard to reason out any other possibility. The hype for the PS4 is reaching unprecedented levels, and I've been around long enough to see the NES launch and remember it. X1 hype levels are nowhere near the hate levels that it has.

I will agree though, that this doesn't necessarily indicate long term appeal, or post launch demand once marketing hits full swing for the holiday season.

Also for giggles I decided to use VGChartz to see what you consider marginal. For the top 5 pre-ordered games for both systems

PS4: 1,081,359 software units
X1: 785,889 software units

PS4 has almost 30% more software sales. That's a pretty big margin.

This is for the US only, and well...it is VGChartz, but the numbers are in line with all the other reports out there...if not actually too low for the PS4. I also believe that if MS was confident that they were anywhere near the number pre-ordered that Sony was right now they'd be singing it from the rooftops. Have you ever known MS to shy away from announcing sales data?

Also at your comment below to HiddenMission...if you want hard data, don't use VGChartz as a reference. They aren't known to be too trustworthy in their numbers. I only did because you decided they are a good enough source, but it's obvious that you came to the conclusion you wanted to based on your own opinion, and not hard facts.
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TheFallenAngel  +   691d ago
He's claiming the bone is going to be the biggest launch but he's forgetting that as of now the ps4 is destroying the bone in sales.
HiddenMission  +   691d ago
Yeah I'm calling BS about you being objective.

1st off you can go look at hardware Pre-Order numbers at many online and retailer sites and the numbers show that the PS4 is 2 to 4 times ahead of the XB1.

2nd We already know Sony's planned sell numbers for this holiday and they along with the manufacture (which is building both consoles) have gone on records as stating the PS4 is smooth sailing in the build process while the XB1 is having countless issues that are causing delays.

3rd Taking into consideration of supply issues and expected sales along with pre-order numbers the margin in favor of the PS4 will only grow post launch and holiday season because there is a higher demand and larger supply chain.

John Lewis is collecting checks to sway buyers...sad thing is they will end up getting PS4's anyways because everyone else is getting on and because there will be more on shelves.
Naga  +   690d ago
As I said before... I could be wrong.

But if I *am* wrong, I would love for you - or anyone else - to provide some actual hard data, rather than parroting the same, old internet rumor mill and PR rabble that have fueled fanboys all year.

You say we "know" all of these things, but all of these things you claim to "know" are only hopes, expectations, and speculations. Please do me a favor and substantiate your claims with actual, real, hard data.
#8.3.1 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(11) | Report
HiddenMission  +   690d ago

I'm not going to do google searches for you or go get the links from websites...you can do that all on your own. It's not a matter of if you are wrong it's a fact that you are wrong. This is not a discussion I'm sighting facts that you can go look up.

These are not expectations or speculations these are called hard numbers provided by analysts and businesses...these individuals get paid more in a year than you and I put together because they work for BILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES and being wrong about this info would not only cause them to lose their jobs but lose their companies a shit ton of money.

The reality is simple facts which many are trying their very hardest to pretend like they don't exist...but you like many a fanboy will see this holiday that PS4 is going to steamroll it's competition.

If you look back 8 years ago when the 360 had an 8 million unit lead over the PS3 would like many a fanboy ever said that the PS3 would knock the 360 from second place to 3rd...answer no you wouldn't have.
DJMarty  +   691d ago
well this is a huge miststake.

PS4 will be huge this Xmas in UK
josephayal  +   691d ago
I agree with John Lewis
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   691d ago
Sorry jose....but your comment phayals...
josephayal  +   691d ago
The PS4 is basically 50 per cent more powerful than Xbox one, But the Xbox One will likely be a huge success as well
Bobby Kotex  +   691d ago
So where is the article? An article talking about another article. The crap that passes for journalism amazes me everyday. The inquirer guy is just as bogus as John Lewis.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   691d ago
i don't have room for a ps4 this Christmas. because im buying it in november
rainslacker  +   690d ago
But you'll miss out on all that fun of hunting down one in the wild during the holiday season. I'm pretty sure hunting down the reclusive Sony swan is a true traditional holiday. Nothing like hunting stuff to feel festive.
Sevir  +   691d ago
That department store can have what ever machine they want in their catalog... It still doesn't stop my Xmas tree from having PS4 games underneath it this Xmas... PS4 on November 15th Though!
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   691d ago
The World according to John Lewis...
sigfredod  +   691d ago
Lol, no hits from on this article
FullMetalTech  +   691d ago
Sounds very much like the Toys R Us advert with them making the XB1 the Hottest Toy to get for the holidays. Its just paid advertisement for them at this point.
kayzeemoschino  +   691d ago
leogets  +   691d ago
John lewis also are renowned for their deals and price match and normally come with a free 2 year guarantee on electrical goods..
iamnsuperman  +   691d ago
I wouldn't say they are "renowned for their deals" but their products/products they sell are usually of a higher quality (I have bought one faulty product off them which was a basic price kettle which failed after a month) than their competitors but their price reflect that. The do give good electrical goods guarantee (but I feel you really pay for that)
SkippyPaccino  +   691d ago
I guess I will be pissing in John Lewis face this xmas....Thanks N4G
ajax17  +   691d ago
Who the hell is John Lewis? I honestly don't know.
jay2  +   691d ago
A UK retail store
HmongAmerican  +   691d ago
Expect the opposite of what they said.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   691d ago
F-John Lewis???! well Juliette Lewis wants a Ps4, at least she's a somebody.
cactusjack  +   691d ago
dont forget in the UK they have tea and crumpet breaks at work.
jay2  +   691d ago
awwwwwwwww more bum kissing from M$
Kayant  +   691d ago
Hmmm... Not saying XB1 won't sell well but all signs point to PS4 selling more this holidays based on it's current reception. Also how they are expecting the Samsung Tab 3 to outsell the Nexus 7 is funny as hell. That's simple not happening.
mhunterjr  +   691d ago
I'm quite surprised that PS4 didn't make the list...

I'm less suprised that to Sony fanboys, PS4 preselling faster = poor Xbox one sales. Both consoles are going to be very hard to come by due to unprecedented demand.

But instead of ranting, folks might need to consider the source instead of ranting. Perhaps John Lewis' list is determined based on what that chain of stores expects to sell. It's quite possible that The John Lewis PS4 allotment size is much smaller, than their Xbox allotment, making the Xbox it's entertainment leader simply by default.

I guess reasoning is a little much to ask for around here.
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from the beach  +   691d ago
Seems accurate.
Hicken  +   690d ago
from the beach  +   690d ago
pyramidshead  +   691d ago
Well they'll certainly regret these statements come November haha.
thejoker1000   691d ago | Trolling | show
WeAreLegion  +   691d ago
This goes beyond opinion. This has to do with which one will sell better.

That answer is obviously the PlayStation 4. Whoever is in charge of this at John Lewis knows nothing of the industry.
Dunban67  +   691d ago
Jim Bob Smith says the PS4 is the hottest X Mass gift this year.

Juan Gomez says the Wii U will be the number 1 seller this holiday season. Says to "expect thousands sold" (Wii U software that is)
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