Daylight on PS4: The Power of the Unknown

Ryan Clements // Social Media Specialist writes:

In an age of horror games with carefully crafted scares and achingly detailed environments, Zombie Studios is trying something new with its upcoming horror game, Daylight. Players awake inside an abandoned hospital, with only the light of their cellphone to guide them through the thick black. But unlike other horror games, Daylight changes every time you play. To better understand Daylight, and the scares within, we asked Zombie Studios Creative Director Andre Maguire to explain how the game came together and why procedurally generated scares give the horror genre a shot in the arm. Maguire also tells us about developing on PS4, and what inspirations fueled the team members in their creative process.

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sigfredod1889d ago

My only concern with this game is the use of gthe U4 engine, i hope that "shiny plastict" effect from the U3 is been corrected

JoGam1889d ago

Honestly it looks current gen. Hopefully it awesome.

mewhy321889d ago

Well. It's not the most beautiful game that Ive ever seen but it looks like it may be scary.

PFFT1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Gameplay wise this game looks good. Ill probably have to change my underwear after every session lol

Niv1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I got confused with dying light. Really want dying light

Enemy1889d ago

Daylight, Outlast, Dying Light...

They all sound alike and all look amazing.