XCOM: Enemy Within Preview - The Human Threat of EXALT | The Escapist

The Escapist: "It's an age-old question in the videogame industry - How do you add content to a profitable game without messing with a winning formula? Firaxis developed a veritable hit with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, earning more than 13 Game of the Year awards in 2012. The spiritual successor to the turn-based tactical combat of 1994's XCOM: UFO Defense somehow successfully paid fan service to devotees of the original while simultaneously gaining new fans on consoles and PCs alike. It was an incredible feat, and the obvious next step was to expand on the success with more XCOM turn-based goodness. But does that mean a sequel? DLC? How do you improve the game without ruining what made it great in the first place? I sat down with the Firaxis team in New York City last month and they were kind enough to let me line up my sights on some sectoids ... Wait a second, these are humans my XCOM team are shooting at."

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