This Is Vegas - Gameplay Footage

Gameplay video of the ambitious open-world Midway game "This Is Vegas".

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akaFullMetal3196d ago

does look interesting, and could be really good of a game if they can implement this kind of interaction throughout the world of vegas

hunter213196d ago

well its fine not that great to me but its ok, like the wet t-shirt game as a

sa_nick3196d ago

Wow, i was thinking this game might be alright... Looks like I was wrong.

Graphics, gameplay and voice acting all sucks.

Skerj3195d ago

Why is everyone super shiny? I thought we grew out of that phase this gen.

tony3195d ago

the wear lotion and lots of gel.

CViper3195d ago

"Next Gen"

Maybe they aren't using the unreal engine.

Big Jim3195d ago

Looks like the Sims. No thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.