21 Greatest Pokemon Rhymes and References in Rap Songs

Pocket Gamer: ''Rap artists often reveal some troubling preoccupations in their lyrics. That might include taking illegal drugs, murdering people, and spending half a mil' on a new hubcap.

But these urban poets of the street, as I like to call them, are also obsessed with Nintendo's monster-hunting RPG Pokemon. So, these lyrical professors often fill their songs with the names of these pocket-sized monsters.

And I don't just mean throwaway mentions of crowd-pleasing critters like Pikachu. No, I'm talking savvy references to the other 150 monsters. I mean, these rap dons know that Snorlax is fat, Bulbusaur is a grass type, and an episode of the anime once caused seizures in Japanese schoolchildren.

These are my favourites, and they're are all 100 percent real references to Pokemon games, cards, and monsters in rap songs.''

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