Thief: The secrets and challenges that lurk within the City's walls (preview) | VentureBeat

VB writes: Steven Gallagher sure knows how to set a mood. With his sweeping hand gestures and dramatic intonations, Thief’s narrative director introduced us to Garrett the master thief and the world he lives in. In hindsight, the theatrics (you can see a similar performance here) might have been a bit gimmicky, but at the time, he had me hooked.

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Tolkoto1808d ago

I'me excited to see next gens stealth games.

darkronin2291808d ago

Never played the old Thief games all that much, but this sounds cool.

deantak1808d ago

Only worry about this is if you have to wander around too much trying to figure out puzzles or finding loot. Then it can become boring.

barefootgamer1808d ago

Thief is one of my favorite franchises of all time. I'm worried this will never live up to the hype in my head.