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GR-UK writes: At a recent event, we spoke with Thief's producer, Joe Khoury, about a number of issues, including Garrett's story, the lack of auto-regen health, and the difference between current and next-gen versions. This is what he had to say about Focus:

"In context with the story, Focus is something that Garrett inherits early into the game, in the same accident where he loses his protege. He inherits this ability but at the same time it allows him to distinguish items of interest whenever he triggers it on. So yes, there's a lot of other options aside from Focus that the player can choose to turn on and off, depending on the kind of experience he wants to have. Going back to the big Thief fans, I think they love to explore, they love to discover things, they love to look at every corner, and try to figure things out for themselves. That's been really important to us as well."

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