Thief Preview - GameRevolution

"In keeping with the spirit of the series, the core gameplay of the reboot is about stealth, pitting yourself in the role of the master thief Garrett. As a dexterous wielder of the blackjack, Garrett isn't completely defenseless against the night watch patrolling the ragged streets of Blackstone, but if he's surrounded by more than two guards, it's better for him to flee into the shadows and fight another day. After all, he's not a heavily muscled bull of a man, but a swift gray fox with a stoic demeanor."

- Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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knifefight1863d ago

Been a long time coming. I loved the other Thieves. Thiefs? How do you plural that when the game is called Thief but you're NOT talking about more than one actual lowercase thief? Um, "I loved the other Thief games." There. That's how it'll have to be.

JonnyBigBoss1861d ago

I love stealth games so this is a must-play for me.