Tales of Hearts R Now Available For The iOS in Japan Starting Today

AbyssalChronicles: "Well, this is certainly a surprise. Tales of Hearts R, which was originally for the PlayStation Vita, has just been released at the Japanese iTunes App Store for the iOS... Just today. Without any prior announcement whatsoever."

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Minato-Namikaze1198d ago

Horrible, I wanted this for my vita.

vishmarx1198d ago

dufuq.we dont even get a vita version and japan gets it on their phones?
btw,is iphone really THAT popular in japan?

DEATHxTHExKIDx1198d ago

It must be since Namco Bandai and Square enix are putting more games on mobiles.

3-4-51198d ago

This will sell 10,000 on ios.

Would have sold 100,000+ EACH on the Vita & 3DS

RiPPn1198d ago

Can't even imagine playing a Tales game with touch screen controls.

Localize this game for English speaking Vita owners please Namco Bandai.

tiffac0081198d ago

And still no localization? Come on Bamco.