Sales Analysis: New Perspective (Part 2): The Past & Future

Welcome back to the second part of our up-close look at the data collected by VGChartz. In this installment VGChartz is going to focus on the past and the future of each console as we take a closer look at how things have changed as well where things are going. We'll admit however that the "where things are going" part is our own speculation, but hopefully we can make a persuasive case. For those of you who will inevitably disagree with me we look forward to your comments especially. But again enough with the introductions lets get on with show.

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Breakfast3808d ago

"We'll admit however that the "where things are going" part is our own speculation"

Really? VG Speculates?

Danja3808d ago

So in other words...All systems are selling better this year than they were this time last year..

which is a good thing for the industry.

PMR_213808d ago

even thinks the 360


Z F1GHT3RS3807d ago

VGCHARTS sucks!!!!!!!!!!

solidworm3808d ago

nothing to see here, move along

wiizy3808d ago

nice graphs, good job vgchartz

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