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Rebel Gaming's JeriKane reviews the controversial mobile game, Final Fantasy ATB.

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3-4-51866d ago

8/10 for something that barely qualifies as a game.

This person probably gives paint drying a 7/10.

Wigriff1866d ago

What a terrible review...

Final Fantasy All the Bravest is a game where you repeatedly tap the screen to do battle, then you put in your credit card and give SE your money to then do battle with different sprites. It isn't even a game, and this guy gave no reasons whatsoever to justify this purchase aside from "nostalgic feelings."

-Gespenst-1866d ago

This game is hilarious. It's like what all mobile games are but stripped down to its most basic elements.

It's basically just you queueing up all your dudes so they can pay square-enix. It's supposed to be nostalgic but it sh!ts all over that nostalgia- the makers clearly don't care about the nostalgia they/re just using it to extort money.