Sony Resumes PS4 Preorders in Japan After Stocks Ran Out Almost Instantly Last Week

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia announced today that preorders of the First Limited Pack of the PS4 (in both versions with and without the camera) have been resumed today on its own Japanese store.

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flipflopfacts1894d ago

Someone here on N4G mentioned something about a Hotcake business?

Campy da Camper1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in Sonys manufacturing department. I bet they are all living on no sleep, caffeine and sushi. I can just hear the manager when he gets an email from Kaz that says, "hi! We need 3 million more for November. Thanks!".


hollabox1894d ago

Sony is taking care of business this time around, its amazing what changing leadership can do. Sony got better, MS got worse for awhile but on the rebound, and Nintendo, well its Nintendo.

Nabbic1894d ago ShowReplies(1)
JoSneak1894d ago

Once I gey my PS4 November 29, first thing I'm going to do is fuck it hard!

dcj05241894d ago

All dat ebony. Mmmmmmmmm