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Sony plays to the PS4's fanbase

Efforts were made to include the camera at the US$399 mark, but pressure from above forbade Sony Computer Entertainment from making too much of a loss on the PlayStation 4 hardware. (Industry, Next-Gen, PS4, Sony)

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chrissx  +   478d ago
That Ps4 Tank is just Epic. Perfectly demonstrates the Beast it is :3
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cleft5  +   478d ago
I guess Sony really is gearing up for world domination. Great photo.
Magicite  +   478d ago
competition will be blown away!
mewhy32  +   478d ago
Man I love that photo. That pretty much explains what is happening the world over right now in the console space.
NewAgeisHere  +   478d ago
Now all we need is a picture of the light tank with weak armor that is Xbox One:)
4Sh0w  +   478d ago
"Efforts were made to include the camera at the US$399 mark, but pressure from above forbade Sony Computer Entertainment from making too much of a loss on the PlayStation 4 hardware."

Wow so sony was going to include a camera but chose not to because they wanted to keep the price low.
T2  +   478d ago
Even more surprising it sounds like they were gonna include it even at 399 but shareholders said no
Polysix  +   478d ago
and ironic that it's gonna be the Xbone that Tanks!
TRD4L1fe  +   478d ago
very much doubt that it'll tank.
the X1 is going to be successful, maybe not as much as the PS4 but it isn't going anywhere.

Only time will tell how good these systems are
hollabox  +   478d ago
I don't know, I think Sony will dominate the first two years or so but MS will remain strong in the U.S. Out of the big 3 MS has easily the most cash to gamble, market, and develop new IP, thus can afford to take a bigger hit per console. I think MS wants to see how fans respond in sells the first year before making any rash decisions. Coping Nintendo has not pan out so I can see MS taking a Q from Sony and push new IPs for teens to adult age gamers.
TRD4L1fe  +   478d ago

Sony will dominate, that is for sure. But MS isn't going anywhere. they still have a very large fanbase and in a few years adjustments will be made, to both systems.
Magicite  +   478d ago
Time will tell everything, thats not a reply.
Conzul  +   478d ago
Eh, well, Microsoft and now Nintendo are both going to fall behind Sony, since it's GAMES that sell systems.
TRD4L1fe  +   477d ago
well if its GAMES that sell systems then the Xbox One is going to do just fine
RenegadeRocks  +   478d ago
Tee hee hee :P
SoulSercher620  +   478d ago

PS4 set to blow away the competition.
G20WLY  +   478d ago
Let me fix that title for you:

'Sony pleases consumers'

There. And they do. And that's why they're getting my next gen money. Simple really. :)
Red_Devilz  +   478d ago

Irony: Do you see Ghana in the world map in link above? Well, thats the only country which has more supporters for XB1 than for PS4 (at least on this poll). Well, XB1 isn't even launching in Ghana this year. :D
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MadMen  +   478d ago
True, Ps4 shares a lot of PS1s roots.
guitarded77  +   478d ago
Excellent interview with lots of insight to how Sony plans to market the PS4 over time, and all I see are "Dat pikture neatO" comments.
come_bom  +   478d ago
So true. Fanboys are stupid, and that's that!

Sony hit the mark by releasing a 400€ console and making optional the extra camera for another 60€.

As for Microsoft, it's going to cost them dearly by releasing a console at a extra 100€, apparently not at launch since it looks like they have good preorders numbers, but later on... it's going to hurt. In the future when Microsoft reaches the 400€ price point for the X1, the PS4 will probably be at 300-350€ price, and no way Microsoft will catch up. I'm not even going to mention the superior 1st party developers Sony has over Microsoft...

One other thing Sony has going for them is the COD and Battlefield crowd... they will go for the cheapest console where they can play those games, and that's the PS4.

Microsoft needs a Kinectless X1 to even think about competing with the PS4.
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medman  +   478d ago
The PS4 will sell to gamers, the Xbone to dummies. Everyone gets what they want. And some get what they deserve.
yewles1  +   478d ago
Rumored to lose only $60 per unit, eh?... That explains a lot about this gen as a whole if true...

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