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LU:Not a movie, nor a videogame, David Cage's Beyond: Two Souls lacks the defining elements of both kinds of media. On one hand, we have confusing and obnoxious controls; on the other, a plot full of movie clichés and weak characters. While the game demonstrates great art work and conceptualization, its frequent glitches and frame rate issues ruin some of its best moments. At the end, Beyond: Two Souls does not fulfill the promise made by Heavy Rain, and it remains as a flawed, albeit interesting experiment.

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Stsonic1896d ago

So many mixed reviews I am just going to see for myself. Loved the demo I just hope the story holds up.

shivvy241896d ago

Wow the reviews for this game are everywhere ranging from 4-10 , I have never seen reviews like this before ! I really liked the demo so definitely gonna pick this up before Christmas !

Infamous2981896d ago

I played the game and the story was super fantastic!, i think you will love it!

Infamous2981896d ago

I hate when reviewers review a game as an action game, they have to review the game as story driven game, i think this game deserve 9.0 to 9.5.

M-M1896d ago

If you liked Heavy Rain, then you're probably going to like this. Simple as.

Roccetarius1896d ago

Even for someone who liked Heavy Rain, this is a downgrade to that.

ritsuka6661896d ago

I'm not in the least bit surprised this is a let down.

rezzah1896d ago

It sure is, thats why people like it.

Based on your wording you appear to justify your point on someone elses opinion, or at least the opinions that fit your own (inconclusive).

awesomeperson1896d ago

Your last 3 comments have been directly attacking the game.

Why, may I ask?

SoulSercher6201896d ago

Simple she trolls ANY PS3 articles that are negative. She probably knows nothing about the game.

Fishy Fingers1896d ago

Might rent it if I find the time. But already a few games I've neglected and with the advent of next gen around the corner, this is certainly on the back burner for me.

SynestheticRoar1896d ago

Let down my bum. I have this game it's awesome. Hater's coming out the wood work, and their mother's basement.

Fishy Fingers1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Seems pretty inline with the general consensus to me. I assume anything less than your opinion equals "haters", correct?

Take it for what it is, an opinion.

CaptainYesterday1896d ago

I'm glad you are enjoying it I am too I'm really hooked! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.