Gaming Age: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

Gaming Age writes: "Rainbow Six Vegas 2 marks the follow up to the wildly successful first game under the Tom Clancy moniker of titles. It manages to improve the multiplayer mode in every way that actually needed improvement, but somehow falters a bit in the single player mode, offering up a short experience reminiscent of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 that doesn't capture the same amount of wonderment found in my initial exploration of Sin City a year and a half ago.

Instead of following the tale of Logan Keller from the first title, you'll be creating your own player with RB62, a character that everyone refers to as Bishop (side note, have you ever actually met anyone named Bishop?). The story itself is a mishmash of quite a few other "terrorist attack" titles, and definitely isn't the main reason for playing. The core idea of "terrorists siege Las Vegas" is still at the heart of the game, and that concept thru brightly colored casino set pieces remains the selling point of the sequel."

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