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Call of Duty: Finest Hour, A Short Film About the Agonies of War.

Normally, words like childish, arcade-y, repetitive and frantic are associated with the Call of Duty franchise – not this time. This short film breaks that mold and gives us something truly poignant. (Call of Duty Finest Hour, Culture)

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RamsesNum1  +   348d ago
If you still think war is used to defend "freedom" than you're completely wrong.

Given your name and display picture, I'm going to go ahead and assume you're a blind patriot who still thinks the U.S is all about freedom. The only freedom you have is paper or plastic, Large or extra large, Ps4 or Xbone.

Until you've fought in a real war driven by war-mongering, money hungry dictators, you have no idea what the cost of freedom is.
Jovanian  +   348d ago
The cost of freedom is around a buck o' five
fluxmulder  +   348d ago
Don't worry, their health will regenerate.
ACwarMACHINE  +   348d ago
i miss when call of duty made you feel like this video does.now it's all about multiplayer with no heart.call me stupid but i don't even know what cod:ghosts is about,just shows buildings falling in holes and a slow turning dog named riley.
bestofthebest  +   348d ago
i hope they revisit ww2 next gen that would be great

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