Arcade – the “semi-lifestyle” games magazine

GamesAsylum takes at look back at Future Publishing's Arcade magazine. As launch editor Matt Bielby put it in his first editorial: “there are two ways of looking at this magazine.” Those were “the culmination of years of videogame mags,” or “the first games magazine to take its cues from the semi-lifestyle specialist men’s mags, like Q and Empire and Total Film”.

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Pintheshadows1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I had that issue of the magazine.

paul-p19881896d ago

Me too, i think i still have it too (got a couple of 1st edition magazines ready to sell in 30yrs and hope they make a nice little profit!)

Pintheshadows1896d ago

Yeah, I kept a couple of specifics. The PC Gamer UK from Xmas 1998 I think with a Duke Nukem Forever cover story. Another with a review of one of my favourite games, Rogue Spear.