New Pokemon Game in Development, Featuring Pikachu

"The new Pokemon X & Y will soon launch on 3DS. However, in the meantime, another new Pokemon title is now in the works according to the Pokemon Company."

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CustardTrout994d ago

*To the tune of: Digimon theme*
Pokemon, Pokemon monsters, Pokemon are champions!

Goro994d ago

Yellow Remake PLEASE! That was so awesome and the first Pokemon i played.

goldwyncq994d ago

Me too. That game was legendary.

Sgt_Slaughter994d ago

A Yellow HD remake is it's own NEW game, so it's still a possibility.

Klonopin994d ago

Pika Pika Pikachooooooo!!!

truechainz994d ago

I personally would like to see all of the worlds now re imagined in 3d

HexxedAvenger994d ago

So do I man, that would be epic!

AWBrawler994d ago

I want a pokémon game with a epic JRPG storyline. Like Mystery Dungeon, but with a Tales game battle system.

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The story is too old to be commented.