Watch Dogs: Ubi on creating Chicago and stepping back from GTA 5′s shadow

Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin tells VG247′s Dave Cook how his team researched the real Chicago and used its tools to make a new sandbox experience that steps away from GTA 5′s shadow.

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GarrusVakarian1889d ago

But GTA5's shadow is big enough for everyone :D

Bathyj1889d ago

I'm actually hoping this will be better than GTA5. I had a great time with it but now I finished it there seems to be very little to do that interest me other than start it again..

Watchdogs shooting and stealth looks a lot better than GTA5. Being able to interact with just about any character is interesting, hacking cameras everywhere, controlling traffic lights and barriers, I have high hopes for this game.

HarryB1889d ago

You have not played gta unless you tried it for the PC.

Trust me.