Game Vortex: Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Review

Game Vortex writes: "As the first expansion for last year's Command & Conquer 3, Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath adds a sizeable amount of content to the original game. In addition to a brand new single-player Campaign mode centered on everyone's favorite bald, messianic terrorist, it also introduces six sub-factions, new multiplayer maps and a Risk-like Global Conquest Mode. The only thing Kane's Wrath doesn't bring are improvements to the original's flawed core mechanics.

As an expansion, Kane's Wrath doesn't mess with the original's visuals or sound. Overall, the visuals hold up really well. Both the units and maps are really detailed and successfully pull off the atmosphere the game is going for. Music still has a nice way of fitting the current situation and pumping you up during battles. The overly cheesy, FMV story sequences also make a return. Not only do you get more of Joseph Kucan as Kane, but another Battlestar Galactica vet, Carl Lumbly (so he was on one episode... but still), and Natasha Henstridge join the cast as NOD lieutenants."

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thereapersson3895d ago

I played C&C 3 on the 360 and despite the method of controls' awkwardness compared to playing this game with a KB+M, it still was a decent title. It'd be nice to have this expansion as well, to further expand the original title's story.

TheIneffableBob3895d ago

It's coming to the 360 in July or something.
I still don't really see why anybody would want to play an RTS on a console, though. They frustrate me more than entertain me.

Charlie26883895d ago

When it comes to the 360 its better be SUPER cheap since the game is VERY short and if you think "to further expand the original title's story" you are in for a surprise...probably not a very pleasant one -_-