Ellen Page on Beyond Two Souls motion capture: “I worked about four weeks”

Beyond Two Souls is a recently released PlayStation 3 exclusive by David Cage. It received a extremely polarizing set of reviews with scores ranging from 4/10 to perfect 10/10. Beyond Two Souls is perhaps unique in that regard that it will have two big Hollywood stars starring in it: Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Actress Ellen Page talks about her motion capture work in a new interview.

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showtimefolks1890d ago

i am very close to finishing it. damn her motion capture work is amazing.

i hope more people give this game a chance and not just pay attention to only negative reviews

Tiqila1890d ago

I am still undecided to get this, because some reviews stated that storywise it would be like the worst movie ever.

I really liked QDs previous two titles, they also had really enjoyable and good plots.

tigertron1890d ago

@ Tiqila

If you liked QD's previous titles then you should know that they are marmite games. People either love them or hate them due to the minimal gameplay.

It plays in a similar way to Heavy Rain. Try the demo and make a judgment for yourself and don't listen to the critics. Besides, IGN gave it a 6 and complained about the lack of gameplay yet they gave Telltale's The Walking Dead a 9 and that probably has even less gameplay.

Bathyj1890d ago

You're like the third person I've heard compare Beyond to Marmite.

Personally I like "Vegemite" with "jam". Try it, it's great.

Cogentleman1890d ago

Just rented it, played for like 3-5 hours, and so far I'm really digging it. The gameplay is better than Heavy Rain's in pretty much every way, and the story has quickly picked up in a way that Heavy Rain failed to do, with its awful 2-hour trudge of monotony initially. I don't know for sure if the plot will continue to be so good, but so far it's really great and I have no reason to suspect otherwise. Plenty of choices too, I dunno, there's seriously nothing worse about it than Heavy Rain.

Tiqila1890d ago

thx for replies, will check out the demo tonight, good to hear that the story/gameplay is engaging.

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1890d ago
Hellsvacancy1890d ago

I'm DEFO getting it, I don't need to read/watch reviews, I've got my brain and it KNOWS what it likes, and it VERY much likes Quantic Dreams style of games

Dunno when I'm going to buy it, depends if I get into the Dark Souls 2 beta, If I don't i'll go buy it

chrissx1890d ago

Waiting on other peoples reviews just to play a game makes no sense to me. This game is good

CapsLocke1890d ago

I'm a 2013 gamer, and I don't want to play games, I want to play emotions - console players in nutshell.

fsfsxii1890d ago

I'm a 2013 gamer, and i don't want to play games, i want to play graphics on my overpriced rig - PC master race in a nutshell

CapsLocke1890d ago

Console fanboy as always raged and butthurt.

MidnytRain1890d ago

I get where you're coming from... but considering all the applications and programs a computer can run, it's not really "overpriced."

fsfsxii1890d ago


Yea, considering how most games on PC don't really ever utilize that power.

MidnytRain1887d ago


It depends on what you mean by "utilize." If you mean, "They're capable of much more", then a huge portion of PC gamers could run their games maxed out at absurd resolutions and frame rates.

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SegaGamer1890d ago

What is it with you PC gamers ?

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