OXM Online: Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack Review - Oh-so-familiar, and oh-so-good

OXM Online writes: "'It feels like home.'

That's how senior editor Dan Amrich perfectly described Halo 3's Lockout remake, titled Blackout. Indeed, the geometrically identical reissue of our favorite swords playground (only the setting has changed - from snow-blasted mountainside to seaside oil-drilling platform) is even better thanks to Halo 3's sword-clashing mechanic, while the pack's other retooled classic map fulfills a longstanding Halo wish."

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chaosatom3333890d ago

xbox owners must have already spent their money on cod4 maps.

radzy3889d ago

your fault bungie.
call of duty 4 , 5 , and 6 will reign supreme now.

ambientFLIER3889d ago

Tell that to the million people that play it daily, douchebag.

tatotiburon3889d ago

how much people are playing resistance, UT3 right now on PSN? who is literally dead?

Chapulin3889d ago

I was really disappointed of the quality after getting so much quality maps and mods for free on UT3.