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Inafune would be open to Capcom publishing Mighty No. 9

Keiji Inafune has discussed the possibility of Capcom publishing Mighty No. 9. (3DS, Mighty No. 9, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

RmanX1000  +   275d ago
As long as they got zero creative control and didnt keep all rights to use the character how they wish... We dont want to repeat what happened to MegaMan.
camel_toad  +   275d ago
Yeh I'd have no problem with Capcom publishing it as long as that's ALL they did.
egidem  +   275d ago
True, but we all know the moment this deal happens Capcom will remove 75% of the game and sell it as day one DLC.
linkenski  +   274d ago
I can just see this happening. Inafune makes deal with Capcom and Capcom decides to put all the extra modes people put money into at the kickstarter for DLC.
Zack_Fair  +   275d ago
He probably just said it not to burn his image with Capcom.
It was a hypothetical question.
Karlnag3  +   274d ago
This is how I imagine this meeting would go down.

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Snookies12  +   275d ago
Nooooooo. Don't let them touch it. Ever.
DarkBlood  +   275d ago
Oh Were you trying to give me a heart attack or something?
kagon01  +   275d ago
Just imagine those stretch goals turn into dlc...lol
tubers  +   275d ago
Yes, yes and slowly these publishers will creep into your soul and the game's.

hiptanaka  +   275d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this project already funded, several times over? I know publishers can help with marketing and so forth, but I do not want Capcom anywhere within remote vicinity of this project.
DragonKnight  +   275d ago
That would be the absolute worst mistake Inafune could ever make. Keep Mighty No. 9 AWAY from Crapcom at ALL COSTS.
refocusedman  +   275d ago
Does that mean that gamers funded the project, and possibly capcom publishes the product? Mr. Inafune gets to make the title and profit from the title at no risk to himself. Ingenious.
snitch_puck  +   275d ago
It is true what this^ guy just said. Anyhow, NO! we did NOT just use our own money just to fund a game that would escape the FAILURE that is Crapcom only (as irony may have put it) for crapcom to get its filthy smudgy oozy hands on it again. Also, playing as Call would be an $8 DLC guys. *wink wink*
onyoursistersback  +   275d ago
It never crossed my mind that Capcom would try to get his parade, but it looks like they did!!

And about a week ago, I got hate for saying all this.

"he reached his goals in the $$$, that's great and all but now the game should come out and THEN after being successful he should port to the Vita/DS with the money he made off of PS3/Xbox360"

it's cool and i support that there was really no risk. But what happens now?!?! I don't like this @ all! -_-

What you call "Ingenious" could be just dirty....taking advantage!

what if this was all planed out? from the beginning with Capcom?!?
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ironfist92  +   275d ago
Uhm, Capcom would keep content locked and then charge the user 15 bux for trivial things.

DONT DO IT. Go to Ubisoft instead.
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r21  +   275d ago
I think its better that Inafune and his team just keep it to themselves. No way in hell should it go to Capcom for sure.
lilbroRx  +   274d ago
Ubisoft wouldn't be much better(looks at Assassin's Creed 4 DLC)
ironfist92  +   274d ago
>Assuming Ubisoft is the only one who deals with DLC and Season Passes.

Ubisoft is the lesser of more evils.
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Rask  +   275d ago
Please, no, don't let this happen.
Juste_Belmont  +   275d ago
I don't think this is a good idea. It shows how much of a good guy Inafune is and I think that by offering this he's trying to help Capcom get back on their feet, but I'd rather see Capcom come back on their own and show that they've learned from their mistakes.
PSWiiKing  +   275d ago
Infking, you're drunk! Go home!
GentlemenRUs  +   275d ago
Keep CRAPCOM away from this!
JackieCruise69  +   275d ago
Why would he go to Capcom? I heard they've been going down lately with staff cuts and cash problems..

That'd be very odd if Inafune allowed Capcom anywhere near Mighty no. 9. I sure as hell wouldn't let them if I were him.
IHassounah  +   274d ago
Like you heard , I don't he want to see his own home go down so he wants to help them rise
ottinovoc905   275d ago | Spam
SoulSercher620  +   274d ago
He must have been drunk when he said that.
J@D  +   274d ago
I do hope THIS never happen or I would be really disappointing.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   274d ago
I believe XSeed would take this with open arms....
linkenski  +   274d ago
Ask Level-5, or Sega/Atlus or Aksys plox.
DejectedJeff  +   274d ago
ZeekQuattro  +   274d ago
Capcom won't even publish a new Mega Man game & he's open towards them publishing this game. Lots of luck.
porkChop  +   274d ago
Uhh... isn't the whole point of Kickstarter to remove the need for a publisher because the gamers are funding the game for you?

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