PS4 Play As You Download: What Happens If You Stop The Download?

If you want to manage your download rates and play games at the same time, what happens if you reach the point you've downloaded to?


Thanks to all for pointing out how dumb this question was. Obvious answer is obvious. I'll just facepalm myself to sleep.

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GreenRanger1626d ago

Won't you have to download a certain amount before you begin playing?

FamilyGuy1626d ago

Yeah like the entire multiplayer for instance, or entire single player, or single player up till a certain story point or maps in the multiplayer. Depends on how the devs split it up.

The answer to that twitter question was obvious -_-

Caleb_H1626d ago

If games are 50gb then I'll just stick with discs and download them when I have the time. 6gb takes about 2 hours for me right now, I don't feel like doing the math, but I know that would make 50gb's take almost a day. My gamestop is 10mins away...

Eonjay1626d ago

Got to love Shu's straightforward response:

"@Gaetano_Prestia game would say you cannot play further"

LOL what else would possibly happen!

FamilyGuy1626d ago

Yup, just like old PS1 games stopping and saying "Please insert disc 2". I really wonder what this guy thought would possibly happen other than this...

UltimateMaster1626d ago

The question is; if something stops, will it stop?
The answer is; Duh!? Of course it will.

MurDocINC1625d ago

Better question is when will Steam implement this feature?

jadenkorri1625d ago

HOW THE HELL IS THIS NEWS. Let alone how did such a dumb question get asked on twitter. Ok,I'm done, this site is getting so bad, its beyond bad. I have no words to describe this site anymore It used to be a great site but now is all about hits than news.. I realize its been like that for awhile but still. Was hoping to get better. Yes I was naive, but hopeful.

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kayoss1625d ago

If you stop the download and try to play it afterward. The apocalypse begin.

showtimefolks1625d ago

its like asking what would happen if i turn off my console wile playing a game disk, lol

PoSTedUP1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

your Xbox blows up and it makes a Wii U cry.

i already explained this through tetrahedral physics in the other article regading split dementions and whatnot.

Hufandpuf1626d ago

Yes yes, I remember. Very interesting reading I must say.

PoSTedUP1626d ago

thank you, im writing a book titled "the download time of travel" :p be sure to check it out on the Ebook store. xd

sAVAge_bEaST1625d ago

It all breaks down to the flower of life, and the 64 tetrahedra matrix.

s8anicslayer1626d ago

Isn't that kind of a dumb question to ask? If you paused the download and played to the point you paused to where on earth would the data for that game be for you to play any further? It's not streaming your downloading it.

Elimin81626d ago

"where on earth would the data for that game be for you to play any further?"

lol... IKR?!

KONAAs1626d ago

maybe he taught the ps4 would make up the ending of the game, or a clofhanger ending, like if ut download stops in chapter 3 then ur fucked till the sequel comes out

DigitalRaptor1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

So Yoshida confirmed that it will prompt a message telling you you can't play any further until more has downloaded? That's reasonable enough, until Gaikai lets you stream the entire thing.

hesido1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Streaming the portion while downloading the game, if that's what you mean, should easily prevent the download, or the download would prevent the stream, unless you have gazillionobit/sec connection, which, in such a case, means you'd need to wait for a few more minutes anyway.

So no, streaming the game from Gaikai while the game downloads in the background. It just doesn't make sense.

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