Assassin’s Creed Black Flag: Ubisoft Reveals The 'Freedom Cry' DLC Pack.

The black collective flags of Assassin’s Creed fans are blowing wildly inAssassin's Creed Black Flag the wind with the announcement of the latest DLC pack coming to Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Today, Ubisoft drop some details on one of the DLC packs coming to adventure among the seven seas, called

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SpitFireAce851894d ago

Iam getting sick of all this DLC bull crap..
The game is not even out they announce DLC.
This all should have been on Disk in the
First place.Its not like $60 is not enough
of a price tag for new games.

tanookisuit1894d ago

Not that I'm a fan of DLC, but I [also] hate it when they SPLIT the DLC types across each type of collector's edition they make (which they have a bad habit of making a bijillion different ones) AND across different regions!

ZBlacktt1894d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Then stop posting here? Stop posting anywhere others are happy to see more game content.

Unaware that most ALL AAA games have DLC made at the same time the games are being made.

Pre orders get DLC day one with different types depending on where you pre order at.

People find any reason to complain.... to much, not enough. Simple, go play something else where the dev's do nothing for you.

SpitFireAce85, and you must be new to the industry side of gaming. Again, pre order gets you FREE DLC. You complaining about that as well? If you have bills, then put those first. Because clearly you must be to young to understand no one is forcing you to buy anything. You are getting what you paid for. No one says endless game content for your one time payment of $60. Or do you want everything in life for free?

SpitFireAce851893d ago

Wow you must be loaded to to throw money
away on DLC which should have been in the
game from the get go for the $60 you will
spend at launch.

See some of Us have bills to pay..instead of
dumping more money into a game that should
have had all that in there for $60..

Heisenburger1893d ago

Don't be like that man. I'm looking forward to Black Flag too, but don't get all huffy because this guy said his opinion.

You are insulting people's honor "No one says endless game content for your one time payment of $60. Or do you want everything in life for free?"

So I'm going to have to flag you for a personal attack.

Hopefully this teaches you some humility man. After all, it's just games.

ZBlacktt1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Heisenburger, opinion is one thing. Being uneducated is another right? I've got no feelings in this discussion my friend, lol. So be aware of that first off.

Flag..... again for educating because people bitch and complain. While wanting everything free. Yet not even realizing they are getting DLC free day one just for per ordering a game they intend on getting in the first place....

Complaining about a game that already comes with 100+ hours of game play in it. Along with 60 more minutes of free exclusive content for the PS3 and PS4.

Along with Free in game content for pre ordering from Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

Please.... I'm here to help. Been doing this 35 years. Hopefully you learned something here. Because I have no problem helping you more either.

FunAndGun1893d ago

damn, hit agree by accident on your second comment. I strongly disagree with you however.

It is people like you supporting this BS why it keeps getting worse.

ZBlacktt1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

FunAndGun, then maybe you should stop gaming? Because every single AAA game does this. Season Pass, DLC, extra in game content, etc, etc. Nothing new and people who love the game are in heaven. While others who seems to think they "need" to buy it get all butt hurt about it. Always want it for free or I'm going to cry. Meanwhile not being grateful for what you are getting for free already. I think this is all common sense. So no need to sit here at say it over and over again. Buy what you can and enjoy.

Edit at below: lol... the poor starving artist act? You bought the game, yet you want everything else made for free? Lost generation.... old school my butt. Again given free content, free DLC day one and bitch and complain still. You clearly have zero idea, zero.

FunAndGun1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I kinda expect an apathetic attitude toward DLC from the younger generation of gamers, but since you have been in the game for 35 years it shocks me a little bit how easily you support this practice.

In 20 more years we can look back and thank players like ZBlacktt. Buying a bare bones skin of a game and then purchasing level by level and map by map, skill by skill and ability by ability. We will tell stories to the younger generation about how we used to buy a full game at one price and not have to worry about missing content that gets held ransom for a fee.

I am an old school gamer as well, but apparently I have a better understanding of where things are heading if we just accept that this is just how it is. Maybe you need to be reminded of the times you mention in your bio and quit being so supportive of practices that will further ruin our hobby as it has started to this gen. Exclusive content, Exclusive pre-order content by location, unlock DLC, selling color swaps, season passes without even knowing what content you will be getting....Oh, it will get much worse.

Thanks for all your support ZBlacktt, we couldn't have done it without you!


I don't think I mentioned being poor. What is the matter, just because I have money I can't have principles or foresight to see the gaming landscape changing for the worse?

GarrusVakarian1893d ago

Hahaha, i should have known you would defend cut content. Using the "everyone else does it so its ok" excuse. They cut content from the game to sell as part of a season pass and for that reason they don't have my money for the season pass. But of course YOU will buy it....a certain animal comes to mind, white and fluffy......

GarrusVakarian1893d ago

"Then stop posting here? Stop posting anywhere others are happy to see more game content. "

Oh please, people love extra content, but not CUT CONTENT,which is what this is. I don't care how much you love AC, this is inexcusable. If GTA cut missions from the game and sold them separately you and me both would be crying outrage. You hypocrite.

GarrusVakarian1893d ago

"Because every single AAA game does this. "

Again, there's a difference between a season pass that offers content that is a work in progress, content that is made AFTER the games release and content that was made alongside the main release but sold separately, which is what this DLC for AC4 is. As someone else said, the fact you have been gaming as long as you have and you support this is saddening.

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MAULxx1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Your right about DLC. I quit buying it for most games.
I have to say though, I'd rather have DLC than higher game prices even if they're announcing it before the game's released.

AceBlazer131894d ago

how can there be dlc for a game that isn't even out yet, it should be on disc. curse who ever made dlc catch on.

FunAndGun1893d ago

Well, you can start with ZBlacktt up there. apparently he loves it!

ZBlacktt1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Or they can bitch and complain about everything in life. You bitch about Collectors Edition as well I bet. I want more for free or don't make it Dev's!!!!!! " pouty face ".

Gaming is a hobby. Not a way of life. Buy what you can afford and be happy with it. Just because others can buy whatever they like. They are in the wrong huh?

Again ( saying it slowly for you few ), you are paying $60 for the game. If you pre order it you get FREE DLC content. If you own a PS3 and PS4, you get FREE additional 60 mins of content. You get FREE upgrades content. You get 100+ hours of game play to start with in the original game.... Don't even worry about DLC. You'll be playing for months and still working on the main game.

Angrymorgan1893d ago

Your comment on what people can afford is ignorant...I assume most gamers can afford £10-£20 dlc without breaking the bank.
Its a matter of can any dev justify selling dlc BEFORE the game is released? Its rediculous, theyre obviously working on dlc alongside the game but choose to remove it to make more money.

rezzah1894d ago

People relax, remember the is always youtube. This is how you teach them.

Miraak82 1893d ago

People are such suckers for buying crap like this lol , it's almost like buying individual chapters in a book . Only time I can justify buying any additions to a game are the forms of expansions and not just dlc's that add a few extra hours of gameplay but more so like buying yearly/bi yearly expansions for mmos or for instance games like Skyrim and GtaIV type expansions of which were released almost 6 month to a year after release but actually expanded the game on a deep level that make it feel like a whole new game.
Man I also hate season pass games like cod and borderlands and such with planned payed add-ons every few month, if you can't even enjoy the core game after release while feeling you need to spent more money to be able to enjoy it it's not even worth purchasing in the first place

1893d ago